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January Horoscope

2021 Vibe:
This is the year that you get what you want.

The year 2020 was a Foundation Year designed to show us what’s most important. It was spiritual awareness to our growth, and in many ways, we were forced to recognize and honor our priorities. Isolation, loss, and money worries were (and still are for many) center stage.

There will (still) be holding back energy on gatherings until the end of March and awareness of money issues until April. People will be deciding what they want to do with their careers or finding ways to fill up their days in the first quarter. Action in the first quarter is not advised unless it’s presented (in writing or contract) to benefit you authentically. Patience with yourself and others right now will do you a world of good when the energy shifts.

Make your plan for forward movement when this energy shift begins in May. This will allow you to attend a baseball game or concert in July, the power month this year. It will enable you to get that promotion or launch a new beginning. The best month to retire would also be in July. There will be offers made to those close to retirement age in July (either by an employer or the government), which will make it attractive to wait until that month.

The numerals in 2021 add up to a 5 in numerology, resonating to fast-moving communication, the planet Mercury, and the Norse God, Loki. It is the Year of Media—the truth and the trickster. Both the truth and the manipulation of the truth in any issue will be present. Make your own conclusions and decisions on what you know to be your truth.

Make the first quarter personally productive. Remember, this year is about connections and communication. Do your best to connect with people who you’ll want in your wheel-house moving forward. Connect with everyone you’ve met on LinkedIn, especially if one of your goals has to do with a new career opportunity. Remember that nature abhors a vacuum, and the practical cleaning out of things in your living space will allow new things to present themselves. Make it a goal to have one drawer, one shelf, and one cabinet in each room empty so you are setting up the energy to receive. Hang all of the hanger hooks in your closet backward to see what you’re actually wearing (and decide in six months what you’ll keep or donate).

Spending time with ourselves in 2020 was to show us what truly makes us happy and purposeful. This will be an action year as soon as you decide what that looks like for you. It’s truly that simple. Speak aloud what you want, and do not speak aloud what you don’t want.


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