Sensi Magazine

December Horoscope

What do the stars hold for you?


NOV. 22–DEC. 21 

Each month, your cards present a new adventure, and this one will be connected with how you earn money. Someone is about to invite you in a new direction. It is totally worth exploring.


DEC. 22–JAN. 19 

You’ve been working hard, spiritually and emotionally. You are doing your best to keep your balance, while the influences around you seem oblivious to kindness, ethics, and morality. Remember, you can only manage yourself— and you are being tested.


JAN. 20–FEB. 18 

Your biggest gift right now is your ability to stay focused and see the bigger picture. People are turning to you for the light and discipline of your goals, which will ultimately also benefit them. You are the beacon of your circle.


FEB. 19–MAR. 20 

Something planned will be delayed this month; don’t fight it. The delay will ultimately work in your favor. Pay attention to the things you can resolve and find a creative distraction.


MAR. 21–APR. 19 

Do you live so well in your spiritual understanding that you could explain your perspective to another? This is the month to fill your heart with light and blessings. Your example of living may heal or help someone.


APR. 20–MAY 20 

Though it may not feel this way, the power of all things is available to you right now. You have a network of enlightened people and spirits around you who are willing to help you get what you want. It’s okay to ask.


MAY 21–JUNE 20 

Things will happen very quickly this month, and you will react quickly. Karma will address someone who has wronged you. Opportunity and/or focus are about to cross your radar.


JUNE 21–JULY 22 

Pay a little extra attention to the people you interact with. You will find common ground and coincidental connections. It will also allow you a bonding opportunity for creating your network.


JULY 23–AUG. 22 

It’s time to acknowledge and further develop your natural intuitive ability. It’s time to learn a simple way to focus on those who have doubted this ability. Clear your mind, imagine that all the flow of the universe is within you, and see what presents itself.


AUG. 23–SEPT. 22 

Think of the people you would slay dragons for and everyone who covered your butt when you were emotionally at the bottom of your barrel. Now that your mojo is back, it’s time to sing their praises and maybe do your own version of Secret Santa.


SEPT. 23–OCT. 22

Recent events have placed you in a position of emotional conflict and imbalance. It’s the perfect foundation to determine what’s most important. You’ve found out where your heart is, so stay there.


OCT. 23–NOV. 21 

You are finally released from what was working against you—and those “habits” around how you’ve regarded situations or people. You are still in the same position, but you have a clearer view