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The Cannabis Gardener by Penny Barthel

By Sensi Staff
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Penny Barthel is a nutritionist, recipe developer, gardener, and self-described plant nerd. She’s also a certified cannabis horticulturist as well as a published author, and she wants you to know that cannabis is as easy to grow as a tomato plant. In case you don’t want to take her on her word, she’s got a whole book that will show you how.

The Cannabis Gardner is a beautifully photographed primer on growing your own cannabis. It includes Barthel’s guidance on which strains to choose for your USDA growing zone, tips on harvesting flowers, and recipes for salves, tinctures, and edibles. If you live in a suitable climate and provide sun, water, and good soil—and you follow her advice—Barthel assures that you can grow vigorous, beautiful cannabis in pots, raised beds, or your own yard. Not only is cannabis an easy addition to your garden, it can also provide health and mood-lifting benefits.

The Cannabis Gardener Book $23 /

The Cannabis Gardener teaches you how to choose which strains are right for you and how to cultivate the plants from seed to finished flower. Gorgeous full-color photographs capture each stage of the growing process and show how cannabis plants can be incorporated into your garden design as well as raised beds and containers. After you establish your plants in the garden and monitor them through the flowering stage, you’ll find tips on how to harvest, dry, cure, and store your “grow.” Also included are recipes for savoring your harvest, from salves, tisanes, and tinctures to cannabutter for baking and cooking delicious treats such as CBD gummies flavored with vanilla beans, cheddar crackers, and even cannabis chocolate sauce.

Her garden and kitchen pursuits flow directly from her education and life experience. Follow the certified cannabis horticulturist on Instagram @smallgardencannabis, and if you’re in the Bay Area, keep an eye out for her cannabis events known as Let’s Sesh Workshops.