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Paybotic is the Merchant Advocate

By Sensi Staff
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Cannabis laws and regulations are constantly changing. Paybotic provides cannabis merchants guidance and relief with its customized payment solutions. More than just a business, they are a team of professionals committed to their clients’ success in every facet of the cannabis industry, from retail dispensaries to ancillary businesses.

This team of experienced payment pros has developed and strengthened a domestic and international partners network that delivers solutions for every type of high-risk legal business. For debit-card processing, ACH processing, check service, or any other payment option, Paybotic customizes payment solutions for high-risk transactions that best suit a client’s exact needs. They take pride in providing expert customer service, while finding the best fit for cannabis payment processing.

Smart Safe, an end-to-end cash storage and banking solution built for the cannabis industry, is an innovative, cost-effective way to deposit cash. Smart Safes protect cash from internal and external theft while simplifying cash processing, utilizing the latest and most secure hardware and proprietary software to streamline in-store cash handling. Smart Safe technology is designed to protect and secure deposits, improve reconciliation, and increase cash visibility for cannabis retail businesses, such as dispensaries and delivery services.

Paybotic will soon be launching a Text2Pay platform using ReachPay technology designed explicitly for dispensaries and their customers. This innovation combines the technology and experience of Everyware’s pay-by-text with Paybotic’s extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry. This easy-to-use and secure payment platform will complement all currently accepted payment solutions.

This simple payment option for the cannabis industry gives merchants and their customers access to funds faster than ever. Text2Pay will provide dispensaries with instant approval without the burden of receiving funds, and with approved transactions guaranteed against insufficient funds.

All businesses have unique needs and Paybotic is a unique and complete solution provider. Its extensive network of partnerships – including Millers Mutual Insurance, Accountabis Advisers, and in-house expertise – ensures they can find a program that suits any growing business’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Paybotic has worked hard to build a reputation for quality pricing practice because, above all, these professionals nurture and value strategic long-term relationships with their merchants.