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Chronicseur Farm’s Cannabis Masterpiece

By Sensi Staff
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Growing exceptional cannabis is an artistic undertaking. Much like a painter in front of an easel or a musician holding his instrument, it requires focus, dedication, and passion for creating something unique. Luckily for the residents of Michigan, the team at Chronicseur Farms brings a desire to grow some of the finest craft cannabis in the state every day.

Their cannabis is grown with cultivation techniques that focus on holistic approaches, using beneficial organisms and natural growing practices to produce some of the state’s highest THC and terpene profiles. By avoiding a sterilized root environment that uses bleaches, acids, and oxidizers commonly used by commercial growers, their products deliver exceptional highs that are loaded with flavor.

Each bud is hand trimmed and visually inspected in a state-of-the-art facility to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. That means everything exceeds the recreational-testing standards in order to deliver medical-grade product to consumers. The Farms refuse to deliver anything that is not the cleanest product on the market.

Best of all, they are dedicated to delivering their signature product line, The Chronic, to their fans at affordable prices. Costing a suggested-retail price of $35 per 1/8th ounce, Chronicseur offers several strains of deli-style and prepackaged flower that weigh in at over 30 percent THC. 

“We are believers in the healing powers of cannabis and want to offer our users an excellent product that won’t break their pocketbooks, unlike other brands,” says co-founder Mike Wilkins. “I have been growing for a long time, and being able to bring a high-quality product to the residents of Michigan is a dream come true.” 

Chronicseur Farms recently expanded their pre-roll line to broaden reach and allow their fans to enjoy more cannabis. Their Chronic Sticks flower pre-rolls are fantastic, while their Chronic Bombs are kief and terpene infused, dropping over 40 percent THC with each pull. Packed with flavor, they are the perfect smoke that will step up any experience. Plus they are affordable, costing only $20-25.

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