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A new wedding line from House of Puff

The age-old tradition of tossing the bouquet just got a little more interesting...
By Sensi Staff
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A new wedding line from house of puff blog image

The age-old tradition of tossing the bouquet just got a little more interesting (and updated). Instead of running for the hills when the bride turns her back to predict who will be next in line to marry, watch men AND women gather together to grab the arrangement for a future sesh.

Kristina Lopez Adduci, founder, and CEO of House of Puff, believes that the magic of the plant can elevate the overall bridal experience—just like all of your flowers, menu, decor, music, and party gifts. Adduci has put together House of Puff’s Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide, including helpful tips.

  • Before you say High Do, take time to research state laws, and plan for guests who do and don’t partake.
  • Cannabis is more elevating than alcohol and more affordable than bubbles or doves.
  • Select cultivars to suit your wedding day vibe.
  • Infuse specialty treats at just the right levels and make sure to label everything correctly and in large print (all ages and stages will be attending the big day).
  • Parting gifts? Everyone loves an accouterment or accessory to take home.

A New Wedding Line From House Of Puff post image