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The Joint Candle

A joint candle, a smokable cake topper. A Birthjay...
By Sensi Staff
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The tradition of birthday candles dates back to ancient Greece when a round cake was baked in honor of Artemis, the goddess of the moon; candles were added to symbolize the moon’s glow; and the smoke was believed to carry prayers up to the moon.

Over the centuries, this sweet mythical ritual has lost its charm. Today, we plop down a few mass-produced, brightly striped waxy candles (that might include a trick candle with a little magnesium), sing, and blow.THE JOINT CANDLE blog image

Let’s get back to the essence of celebration with a candle that may even carry that wish up to Artemis herself. How? A joint candle, a smokable cake topper. A Birthjay. Fill an empty pre-rolled cone with flowers; twist; top with a candle-wick widget; attach a cake stake to the bottom of the cone; and then place on top of a cake, or really any dessert of your choice. Make a wish. Blow. Light up again and watch as your wish floats up to the moon. PS: For a little extra 24-karat magic, there is also the Golden Birthjay.

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