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California Cool Coming In Hot

The California-based company introduces new strains for summer...
By Sensi Staff
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California Cool Ccoming In Hot blog image

710 Labs, the California-based maker of small-batch cannabis, has recently set up growing and harvesting operations south of Detroit in River Rouge. The renowned breeders and manufacturers from California are known for their enormous catalog of legacy strains and concentrates.

This summer 710 Labs is introducing new strains to the Michigan market. Consumers will find 710 Labs proprietary genetics Cherry Zest #4, Zeven Up #8, Starburst #36, Rick Jamez #3, and Melon Soda #24 in more than 60 dispensaries in southern Michigan.

The company is also recognized for its solventless hash. Instead of heat or chemicals, 710 Labs concentrates are extracted using only ice, water, and light agitation for a clean, pure rosin experience.

710 Labs often engages cannabis aficionados directly through “The List” where loyal fans get notice of new dibs, dabs, and drops of exclusive batches, which they can order online. The orders are then fulfilled at participating dispensaries.

“We have over 100 active genetics and are constantly rotating them with newer varieties and popular favorites,” says Nick Fotis, chief marketing officer for 710 Labs. “We’re excited to be in Michigan. There are a lot of passionate growers who know what they’re doing, and consumers are also very educated.” — GV

Want to be treated like a VIP? Tap into the 710 Labs Green Room ( to get on The List.