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Cannabis license plate auction benefits disabled community...
By Sensi Staff
Photos From: Courtesy Of @govofco Twitter; Dehydr8
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As if your standard green Colorado license plate doesn’t already say what it needs to say, you can up your chances of getting pulled over out of state with these new, fundraising MJ-themed license plates.

Last month, the state held its third annual cannabis-themed license plate auction, allowing fans to rep con­ gurations such as “DANK,” the creative “FRTWNTY,” and simply “MJ” on their whips. Proceeds support Colorado’s disabled community through the Colorado Disability Funding Committee, raising more than $40,000 yearly since its inception. Last year the plate con­ guration “420” went for $10,000.

The 2023 auction wrapped up at the end of April. Now you’ll see the unique personalized plates around town, or winners can purchase a novelty plate for display in their home or office while retaining the rights to the unique wording.

But cannabis isn’t the only star of this unique fundraising show. Star Wars-themed plates spelling out “ANAKIN,” “OBIWAN,” and “CHEWY” were also auctioned o , along with plates commemorating the long-anticipated re-opening of Casa Bonita (the cli diving-themed Mexican restaurant), purchased in 2021 by Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park fame.

Others may opt for something classic yet low-key: the original “greenie” plate background, used from 1962 to 1999, whose purchase also goes to support the state’s disability funding committee. — Aaron Bible