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High Tehc Toke

Looking for new ways to enjoy THC more quickly? This product line has you covered...
By Sensi Staff
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Their next generation of products springs from a proprietary technology that improves the way THC and other cannabinoids enter the body. The 28 global patents provide fast and accurate dosing, allowing a discreet high with an average onset time of 15 minutes.

Take High TeHC’s versatile Elev8 powder, for example. Scooping out five milligrams of the lightly honeyed-flavored powder at a time adds a healthy dose of THC to anything, with no weed taste. The DeHydr8 food science team has seen Elev8 dosed in mocktails, soda, salad dressing, BBQ sauce, ice cream, or just dropped on the tongue.

“As a beverage enhancer, it’s a way to enjoy the social aspect of drinking without the alcohol,” says DeHydr8 founder Todd Webber. “You can still be the life of the party, but without a hangover.”

HIGH TeHC also offers naturally sweetened, vegan, and gluten-free gummies known as the TeHC Stack by HIGH TeHC. They are already racking up rave reviews for their beneficial ingredients, great taste, and quick onset. Coming soon to retail shelves is their Tic TeHCs (think Tic Tacs) featuring flavors like Mellow Melon, Lemon Haze, Vanilla Mint, and Grape.

These dissolving treats provide a quick, predictable microdose of 2.5 mg of THC per piece, allowing anyone to find the best dose to fit their lifestyle. “We’re finding that many users are looking to microdose, not get blown out of their minds. Weekday enjoyment is often different from weekend use,” says Webber. -GV