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Sweet Kief

By Sensi Staff
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Sweet Kief is an Oklahoma/OMMA compliant Dispensary, Distribution, Processing and Transportation company based out of Oklahoma City. I am Kay Allen, the companies face, and one of the Owners. Sweet Kief is a Mom and Pops company with 8 employees total, but we have prodigious plans to expand in 2024. I have been in the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry since 2018 with thoughts of building a company for 5 years, and in 2023 Sweet Kief officially became a company. July 2023 Sweet Kief started to call a 5500 square foot building home. We’re still currently waiting on inspections, and licensing, but rapidly approaching completion. In the meantime, Sweet Kief has a sister company based in Oklahoma City who produces our Dissolute and Feco, so we can provide wholesale products and sales.

We’re currently collaborating with other processors white labeling our products. Single gram syringes, vape cartridges, infused pre-rolls and more will be coming soon to Oklahoma Dispensaries / Distributions by the beginning of the year 2024!

Sweet Kief offers many service’s to OMMA compliant companies and patients including; Distribution/Sales, Processing of product and white lableing, Dispensary (currently in the process of rebranding to the name of Sweet Kief), and Transportation (a work in progress currently.) We are working hard to create a unique product line to be released in 2024. The Sweet Kief line will include collaborations with many other incredible brands, and have unique products including; infused prerolls, cartridges, tinctures, edibles, and a $1 Feco is in the works for Cancer patients.

We’re currently working to build a Nonprofit 501 C3 to provide the best treatment options to patients. One of our main Missions is to help Patients get the medicine that they need, and at a price they can actually afford. Most patients can’t afford the Feco/Rso on the market currently, so we’re trying to help create a program that can make it affordable. We want to make it so that dispensaries sell Sweet Kief’s 1 gram Feco to OMMA patients at $6 out the door. Making it more affordable and accessible. On top of the $1 Feco (which the $1 is essentially just for packaging the Feco will be for Nonprofit) we are developing clinical trials and studies for research and development in Cannabis. That way, we can assess, evaluate, and analyze our patient results, and responses. In doing all of this we look forward to making headway in treatments.

Social media platforms for Sweet Kief are currently:

Instagram @SweetKief2023 Facebook @SweetKief

Our official website is currently under construction. 

Sweet Kief was established in hopes to create change. The symbol on the logo alone signifies change. We want to help as many people as possible, and we want to help stabilize the market. Over the last 5 years, the market has changed dramatically. We would like to help people refocus on the real reasons why marijuana became medically legal, and on holistic practices, and treatments.