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The Scene

Fresh Tunes

Although brighter days are on the horizon, the timeline for when musicians can safely resume touring is still hazy. The situation has forced many artists to stay productive by focusing on studio projects, with many being released in the early part of the year. From indie upstarts to established legends, here’s a look at 10 new albums coming...

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National: Waiting on a Friend

  If we’ve learned one thing over the past year, we can probably all agree, it’s the value of delivery. Stuck at home and hungry, we placed 500 percent more Instacart orders than we had before the plague, and we paid DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Postmates $5.5 billion in combined revenue to bring us doughnuts, dumplings, and...

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A Bite of Canna-Curiosity

A brother and sister duo are altering cannabis cuisine throughout Southern California. The term gourmet is one that hails from France and once upon a time was associated with indulgence and winemaking. However, it became associated primarily with cuisine when Monsieur Grimod de la Reynière deemed it respectable in the 1800s. Reynière created what appears to be the...

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SoCal Cultural Calendar – February 2021

The month of February is traditionally the month of love; this year, it will mark a search for serenity.  January started off with some seriously unexpected havoc, and our hope for a peaceful, less daunting new year was challenged on day 6. Now we’re on day 32 of 2021 and in a new month. The call to restore...

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Happy Plan

Americans finally have reason to (cautiously) dream about travel again. If you’re wondering how to be a good traveler in the time of COVID-19, look to the words of ancient Chinese philosopher and author Lao Tzu. Among his many notable wise quotes is this one: “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”...

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January 2021 Cultural Calendar

The transition to a brand-new year presents an opportunity for championing innovation. We have been locked indoors for longer than any of us ever thought would be cool, but this new year and month stokes the flame of innovation, do-overs, and new ways of experiencing life. Here’s the month’s rundown of virtual events, art, music, and so much...

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Getting Blunt

Los Angeles is home to a new CBD skin-care start-up. A market analysis published on grandviewresearch.com revealed that the global skin-care products market size was valued at 134.8 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4 percent from 2019 to 2025. The ever-expanding global cosmetics industry is steadily growing,...

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Streaming Sensations

As COVID continues, these shows just might help get you through it.  As a screenwriter and TV Series creator, I’m highly critical of what gets made, not because I’m an elitist but because like everyone, I love a good story, quality content, and being entertained. (Cue Russell Crowe in Gladiator: “Are you not entertained?”)  Thanks to the pandemic,...

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Words of Wisdom: The Eric Thaller Collection

Words for 1,000 Pictures In the heart of Los Angeles, one artist is utilizing art to feel connected on a deeper level. Eric Thaller has created a socially conscious collection called Words of Wisdom. The collection uses intricate messaging of social and cultural significance through visuals of people throughout history who have made an impact on him (Martin Luther...

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Zen and the Art of Apple Pie

Become one with the dough and bring a taste of flaky bliss to the table. First, there is that apple-cinnamon/caramel steam that grabs you by the nose. Then you see the whole pie emerge from the oven and, finally, a warm apple pie wedge whose juices mingle the melting vanilla bean gelato. You take a bite and smile,...

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