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Promotional Feature: Wana Delta-9 Gummies Available Now

Next-generation fast-acting edibles offer an experience similar to inhalable cannabis, but without the smoke. Edibles make it easier to tailor the experience to the moment, whether that’s an energizing microdose before a midday hike, a quick boost during an impromptu gaming session, or a fast-onset dose for relaxation at bedtime. Wana Brands launched its Quick Fast-Acting Gummies in Colorado...

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Promotional Feature: Red Rock Fertility

A caring outlook is the key to helping families grow.  In today’s world, modern women defy notions of the past in terms of how many children they want to have, when they want to have them, and how they will become pregnant. Gone are the days of American households having an average of five children. Today, according to...

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Promotional Feature: Taking a Deep Dive with Data Analytics

As the cannabis industry matures, operators are finding that it’s time to ditch those simple spreadsheets for more targeted datasets. "It’s been a really exciting journey,” says Colton Griffin, CEO of Flourish Software and a serial entrepreneur developing cannabis supply chain and business management enterprise software for a fast-moving, still-maturing industry.  What’s been missing amid the excitement is...

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