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Paradigm Shifter

When women lead, communities thrive. That’s not news to female founders, entrepreneurs, and executives, nor is it a truth that’s exclusive to the cannabis industry. What is news, however, is that the balance of power is still in play in cannabis. Although the numbers of women in leadership have dwindled since 2015, when nearly 40 percent of cannabis...

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The Soundtrack for Social Justice

 Want to really feel good on 4/20? We suggest you spend $22 to download Releaf, Sensi Presents new compilation album. Yes, the beats and melodies here that move effortlessly between roots and hip-hop will get you growing no matter how you are enjoying the day—but half that purchase will go directly to an organization working to right...

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Pod Party

The light is there, at the end of this long tunnel, but we’re not yet—and it doesn’t look like we will be by 4/20. Try to find a public celebration, and you’ll run into messages saying the event is in limbo (FlyHi 420 Festival in Denver), scheduled to be rescheduled (National Cannabis Festival in D.C., announcing a new...

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Canna Cares

 Did you know that the cannabis industry is one of the most community-conscious business sectors in the United States? When you’re purchasing this powerful plant, we suggest you support companies that put some of that money where it matters most: back into the local community. We say Sensi is “where cannabis and culture meet,” and as a...

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April Horoscope

Aires: Mar. 21–Apr. 19 Allow people and events to reveal themselves to you this month. It is not your responsibility to fix things; instead, be the person who tells the other person that he or she knows what to do. Embrace serenity. Taurus: Apr. 20–May 20 There’s an energy you’re holding onto connected with work (or former work)...

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Vinyl Appeal

The Birth of Vinyl In 1877, Thomas Edison created what was known as the cylinder phonograph. While wonderful, there was no real way to mass produce it. But Emile Berliner created the mass-production flat phonograph record in the late 1880s. Berliner was able to tap methods used in a printing press to create audio recordings. As his access...

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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day 2021

Couples that play together stay together, but after almost a year of quarantining together in the same ole space, it can be a challenge to keep your flame burning eternal. Or if you’ve been riding solo all this time, you’re no doubt ready to mix things up a bit. Sensi editors to the rescue. We’ve rounded up some...

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2021 Vibe: Horoscope

This is the year that you get what you want. The year 2020 was a Foundation Year designed to show us what’s most important. It was spiritual awareness to our growth, and in many ways, we were forced to recognize and honor our priorities. Isolation, loss, and money worries were (and still are for many) center stage. There...

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Opt for Nontraditional

Going green has never been so comforting. Not everyone gets super excited about the winter holidays (cue “holidanxiety”). However, this year the celebration might be a little more calming as large gatherings and costly parties aren’t likely to happen. In the spirit of going nontraditional this year, why not abandon the ham, the tofurky, or whatever strange casserole...

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