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The Buzz – SoCal – December 2020

C’est Magnifique Enjoy French cuisine, California style at Gigi’s LA.  Photo by Britt Lucas In spite of the ever-present pandemic, some bright spots are happening throughout Southern California, and the opening of Gigi’s LA is among them. Imagined by Alexander Wilmot and Samantha Ressler, Gigi’s, a chic and fabulous new restaurant, with Anäis Nin...

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Plant Medicine: RAPÉH

Rapéh (pronounced “hay-peh”) is a sacred plant medicine from the Amazon region often referred to as "blank-slate-medicine." It’s non-psychoactive and totally legal, making it an amazing and powerful ally for meditation and a great entry point for people looking to experiment with more plant medicine. It's known for its grounding qualities that can help calm even the busiest...

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Mask Up: One Orange County designer’s big idea.

Founded by Designer Raad Ghantous, Tailor Made Face Masks is a bespoke mask company made for modern times. In the wake of the pandemic, masks have quickly risen in the ranks as a fashion necessity and Ghantous wanted to create something custom-made that not only looks chic and sophisticated, it also fits snugly to your face. The masks come...

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Clean Cultivators

From specialized lighting to controlling environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, successfully cultivating cannabis at an indoor facility requires a lot of energy. Growers in locations with cold climates like Massachusetts often struggle to find ways to decrease their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprints. But one Bay State cannabis cultivator, Solar Therapeutics in Somerset, has...

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