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Healthy, Wealthy, Wise

A new CBD company empowers women to take control of their bodies, their minds, and their careers. In the 1940s, an ingenious duo formed what the world would come to know as Tupperware. Inventor Earl Tupper and saleswoman Brownie Wise launched the highly acclaimed household brand and the company’s name would soon become the most recognized kitchen brand...

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Foraging for Magic

Stalking the wild Azzie in the mushroom hunting capital of the Pacific Northwest The wind was blowing about 20 knots, pelting us with needles of mist, as we trudged through the dune grass with our eyes peeled. We weren’t focused, as you would expect, on the stunning shoreline and churning gray waves of Willapa Bay in our vista,...

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Creating Hope

We can find solace in the enormity of chaos and uncertainty.  While the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on this nation, finding optimism and hope can seem like an impossible feat. That said, we’re Californians—we fight on, break barriers, and create and innovate in the face of adversity. It’s just how we’re made. We are a resilient lot...

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Cannabis Glows Up

It’s time to curate your collection of accessories for the next big home design trend: cannabis carts. Because bar carts are so 2020, and we are so over 2020. Dancing bears, tie-dye tapestries, bongs made in shop class...the once universal visuals that accompanied the stoner cliché seemed set in stone. But the cannabis aesthetic has evolved, and we’re oh...

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Trippy Healing

Psychedelics are the new medical marijuana. I keep a photo of myself from the bad year, when I left the job I thought defined me and broke up with the man I’d planned to marry. I’m wearing a sleeveless dress no adult who weighs 93 pounds should be wearing, with my undernourished limbs and oversized head. I make...

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