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A lot of old traditions should be left in the past.

Leap Day is a gift, and I propose we celebrate it by spending those 24 free hours going after what we want?whatever that may be...
By Stephanie Wilson
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Here?s one: Historically, Leap Day was a day women had the right to propose to men who were taking too long to commit. One day, every four years, women were free to go after what they wanted?which is both sexist and progressive. I asked the universe how I should feel. It told me to stop asking it questions and to check out the gift the planet got for me and you and everyone: a whole extra day. Thanks, Earth!

Leap Day is a gift, and I propose we celebrate it by spending those free 24 hours going after what we want?whatever that may be. February 29 falls on a Saturday this year, a planetary/calendar alignment that happens once every 28 years. Until we make Leap Year an official holiday, this year?s free day affords the greatest chance for many to make the most out of the planetary gift. What will you do with your big day?

While you?re thinking about it, I?ll share big news on the brand front: we?ve launched a brand new website and a new magazine market. Check out, where you?ll see all our editions, including the new Sensi Tampa, our third edition to launch in a market where cannabis is still under prohibition. From the start, our mission has been to show cannabis as a beneficial part of a well-rounded, wellness-driven lifestyle in any city. That message was easy to spread in Colorado, then California, Vegas, Boston, and Detroit, but now we have the chance to showcase that lifestyle to markets where ?the new normal? isn?t quite normal yet. It?s an opportunity we don?t take lightly, and I?m humbled whenever I take a step back and consider how incredible it is to be a part of a team of people driven to make a difference, to spark change in their communities, to stand up as advocates for the end of the madness that convinced generations of people to fear a plant that?s long been known to provide so much good.

On the new site, you?ll be able to find information about upcoming Sensi events in all 14 of our current markets, including Denver?s February 12 gathering. If you?re in the area, you should come by, see what this new normal is all about. We?d love to have you. Sensi has a way of bringing good people together.

Let?s connect.

Stephanie Wilson