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By Sensi Staff
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Need Another Hit

April 2020 was going to be awesome—it was 4/20 all month long! For years leading up to last year’s celebration, excitement built among weed enthusiasts and the cannabis industry alike. Everyone looked forward to a month-long celebration filled with large gatherings and small sessions where they’d puff, puff, pass, and spread some love around. But then COVID-19 hit and no one gathered for fear of getting puffed on. We all stayed home, we did our part, and we earned the right to pretend that whatever month it happens to be when we return to pre-COVID-19 normalcy is 4/20 all month. You in?

4:20 on 4/20

As that date and time approaches, the likelihood of major news organizations publishing pun-filled pot headlines is up 420 percent.

Punchline Puns

While some consider puns to be the lowest form of humor, others think they are high art. Meanwhile, others will still pipe up about the need to weed out half-baked wordplay.

Just Say No, Not Funny

The high volume of stoner stereotypes and cannabis clichés popping up this month in puff pieces and serious news outlets alike—even in media outlets that should know better—send efforts to de-stigmatize cannabis up in smoke.

Puff or Pass?

Should we all make a joint effort to keep off the grass jokes? Nah, that’d be a buzzkill—exceptionally harsh for the one-third of Americans living in states where sparking up can catch you a criminal record.

New Rule:

If it makes you giggle, go with it.