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Highly Creative

By Sensi Staff
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Creative thinking is a competitive edge that separates the good from the great in all aspects of life, so get high and think about thinking. This guided journal is designed to engage your imagination to help uncover new ideas, build more productive habits, and inspire creative thoughts. Bonus: you’re supposed to use it while you’re high.

It’s not your basic stoner coloring book, although there are pages for coloring plus a set of colored pencils for you to use on them. Nor is it a puzzle book for stereotypical “stoners” too blazed to think thoughts at all. Refreshingly free of clichés, the Original Creative Thinking Journal by Pilgrim Soul is packed with more than 50 engaging prompts that are neither incredibly boring or stupidly zany. It’s just cool, and made for people like you by someone who’s maybe a wee bit cooler than you are. If you like fun almost as much as you like thinking thoughts about things, you should get this book.

Along with the aforementioned coloring activities, you’ll find pages asking you to “Describe These People,” prompting you to imagine what kind of personality folks with the names Donald Lentsch, Tiffany Bridges, and August Gold have. The book asks you to make up and define new words and to complete abstract analogies (“Being in a relationship is like cleaning the bathroom. How So?”), write a Tinder bio for Oprah, and fill out the famed Proust Questionnaire. (What is your most marked characteristic? What do you regard as the lowest depth of mystery? Which words or phrases do you overuse most?) One exercise instructs you to go to a public place and invent a narrative for two strangers you encounter.

The people at Pilgrim Soul say the goal of the journal is to “get people to look at problems in entirely new ways, get out of their comfort zones, and tap into what makes them uniquely creative.” Get the book, get high, and spend a few hours losing yourself in the mental playground. You’ve already seen everything on Netflix anyway.

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