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High Society: Cyclorama at BCA

Racapping the annual Shimmer event...
By Robyn Griggs Lawrence
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Where: Cyclorama at BCA
When: Jan. 23, 2020
Photos: Tobi Makinde (aka That Photo Kid), Melissa Blackall, OJ Slaughter

Hundreds of guests swarmed Boston Center for the Arts? iconic Cyclorama for Shimmer, an event that raised $15,000 to support BCA artists? year-round artist residency programs in visual arts, theatre, music, dance, and interdisciplinary art. Curated by Ethan Vogt, Shimmer took inspiration from early 2000s fashion and club culture remixed by over a dozen artists and performers including Accumulation Dance, Eleanor Arbor, The Davis Sisters, Fumesco, Layor Guevara, Masha Keryan, Tobi (a.k.a. That Photo Kid), Heleena Norvette, Pink Griffins, Rixy, S. De Silva, OJ Slaughter, Space Us, Rosa Weinberg, and J Michael Winward.