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Clean Cultivators

By Sensi Staff
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From specialized lighting to controlling environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, successfully cultivating cannabis at an indoor facility requires a lot of energy. Growers in locations with cold climates like Massachusetts often struggle to find ways to decrease their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprints.

But one Bay State cannabis cultivator, Solar Therapeutics in Somerset, has figured out a way to make the process of growing cannabis indoors cleaner and greener. In January, the company fired up its own micro-power grid. The system generates electricity sustainably by using 70,000 square feet of solar panels on the facility’s roof, along with additional solar arrays located on the property. Excess electricity is stored for later use by a series of batteries.
Energy-efficient natural gas cogeneration units inside the building produce heat and electricity simultaneously. After using natural gas to generate electricity, the superfluous heat generated by the process is used to warm up the building. The company’s air conditioning system works by gathering cold air from the atmosphere. Even the packaging the company uses for its products is ecofriendly.
According to Solar Therapeutics’ website the advanced system has allowed them to offset 60 percent of their carbon emissions.