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What’s grabbing my attention this 420?

This quintessential quartet exemplifies the best of the best during our favorite festival season...
By Jen Bernstein
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Make your 420 mean something and commit to setting a cannabis intention – by keeping a cannabis journal. Whether setting intentions or creating a more mindful practice, educational design company Goldleaf makes it easy to follow through with their guided journals, informational art prints, and educational cards. The company empowers through education, elevates through beautiful botanic design, and has helped cannabis patients, growers, and your coworkers since their start in 2016. Make your marijuana memories meaningful.


Life shouldn’t have to be hard — that’s why I reach out for fast-acting Betty’s Eddies chews when the going gets tough. And, it’s like their tastemakers KNEW I’d be reaching for their delicious, 100% all-natural fruit chews every chance I could get … whether popping the pineapple Take It Easy Eddies taffy-like chew that tastefully includes lightly infused THC and other minor cannabinoids for stress; or needing to peacefully unwind from my day with the perfectly curated Bedtime Betty’s raspberry creams that include dreamy CBD and CBN designed for a restful sleep. Dosed perfectly at 5mg
with additional cannabinoids included for the desired effect — Betty’s Eddies are my go-to day changer when my vibe needs lifting.

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Hey Puff co, the Council of the Wise called and they want to know your spellbinding secrets. How is it humanly possible to one-up the intense magic that goes into the high-tech design and functionality of the Puffco Proxy? Concentrate cannaseurs who invest in only the highest quality vaping apparatus will reach that coveted Gandalf-level status/stature when they bring their Puffco Proxy Kit to elevate their sessions. If you’re still in search of a superior crafted handheld vaporizer, look no further than the Proxy Wizard*, which will no doubt make you the envy of the Shire.

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Remember the thrill of sneaking a quick toke in between work meetings or while hiding out in the bathroom dodging your toddler? The team over at Escape Artists brings that discrete level to an all-time high with their fast-acting, no-odor, refreshing Escape Artists Flights mint strips. You don’t have to feel naughty about doing something good for you, not with the benefits of 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg CBD found in the appropriately dosed strips, 30 to a pack – all secured for you in a child-resistant tin. As your mint strip dissolves so will your stumbling blocks – leaving you to enjoy an energetic, microdosed high.

whats grabbing my attention this 420 product image