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The Budtender’s Guide

Oaksterdam University (OU) the world’s first cannabis college has released "The Budtender’s Guide...
By Sensi Staff
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Matthew _ Budtender Guide

Oaksterdam University (OU) the world’s first cannabis college has released “The Budtender’s Guide: A Reference Manual for Cannabis Consumers and Dispensary Professionals.” This 203-page book is the definitive manual for cannabis consumers, students and professionals in America’s fastest-growing industry. The book is designed to give both budtenders and consumers alike the knowledge they need to understand the landscape of cannabis products available in licit markets across the country, along with the history, laws and policies, science, and cultural nuances of the plant.This comprehensive guide brings together the collective knowledge of the experts at Oaksterdam University, America’s premier cannabis college, along with budtenders across the country. It is perfect for those who aspire to careers in cannabis, and those who are already working as budtenders and wish to deepen their knowledge. It is also essential for cannabis consumers who want to be educated before they walk in a dispensary door.

“This book brings legitimacy to the role of budtender as it continues to grow worldwide,” says OU Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones. “Budtenders are the crucial gatekeepers of the industry, ushering consumers into safe and educated usage. It is essential that they receive proper training, and this book offers just that.”As more states legalize cannabis, more consumers are coming into contact with the plant than ever before. Budtenders work on the front lines and play a crucial role in guiding consumers through a wide array of products, from edibles and beverages to concentrates and cartridges. This book provides a guide to dispensary customer service and the unique challenges and opportunities cannabis retail provides. Dispensary owners and managers will find this book an invaluable reference for staff.  The Budtender’s Guide helps budtenders and consumers alike navigate the constantly changing landscape of cannabis varieties, products, and legalization polici…

“I’ve read about how many people have entered the country’s first cannabis college to gain the knowledge and expertise they need to advance their careers in the cannabis industry from cultivation to business to policy. If you are serious about cannabis, this is the place to go. And, for those of us who cannot attend the college, The Budtender’s Guide is the MUST HAVE for all of us who want to be truly educated about the science and history of cannabis.”

—Matthew Solan, 

Sensi Executive Editor