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Saus, Redefining Concentrates

Redefining Concentrates with Unmatched Purity and Flavor No secrets. No additives. No BS.  Just quality SAUS...
By Sensi Staff
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Redefining Concentrates with Unmatched Purity and Flavor

No secrets. No additives. No BS.  Just quality SAUS 

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Q: What distinguishes SAUS in the cannabis concentrate market?

A: SAUS stands out for its commitment to purity and flavor. Our live extraction and carefully selected genetics ensures the highest quality. We emphasize solventless processes, capturing the plant’s natural compounds without chemicals, creating potent and flavorful concentrates like live resin and rosin.  We pride ourselves on our innovative approach, focusing on every detail from the selection of the source plant to the final product. Our process ensures that we extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, offering a truly unique and high-quality experience.

Q: Could you share more about your team at SAUS?

A: Our team comprises cannabis aficionados dedicated to crafting the finest concentrates. We blend deep expertise with a passion for the craft. Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.  But, what really makes the team stand out is their commitment to the cause of SAUS. We believe that we are creating a new industry benchmark and doing something really special and novel in the concentrates space. There’s a level of passion in knowing you’re at the forefront of something innovative. We foster that culture, so we keep learning and keep improving on the foundation we’ve already built.

Q: What inspired the creation of SAUS?

A: SAUS was born initially from a vision to revolutionize the concentrate sector. We wanted to offer products that resonate with both connoisseurs and newcomers, focusing on educating users about the benefits and proper use of concentrates, including dabbing. Our inspiration came from a desire to provide a purer, more authentic cannabis experience, free from the common additives and fillers found in many products. We saw an opportunity to lead the way in purity and potency, providing a product that truly represents the essence of the power of cannabis. 

Q: How does SAUS contribute to cannabis education?

A: We prioritize education heavily because we believe there is a lot of misunderstanding about cannabis concentrates, as well as strong stigmatization of cannabis in general. By educating our customers on what they’re consuming and providing them with some of the purest extracts the industry has ever seen, people realize the true power of cannabis concentrates, and incorporate it into their lives as a tool to have incredible experiences. We also want the public to understand that you don’t need a master’s degree to figure out consumption methods like dabbing, and that this mode of consumption can provide people with certain rare cannabis experiences they’ve been looking for. 

Q: Why should dispensaries and connoisseurs choose SAUS?

A: SAUS offers an unmatched flavor profile and purity in concentrates, great for anyone who really appreciates quality cannabis products. Dispensaries benefit from our innovative, quality-driven products and the knowledgeable team behind them, which makes SAUS an innovative addition to their offerings. 

Where can people find SAUS?

 A: For more information and locations, visit and follow us on Instagram [@SAUSInstagram] to stay updated on our latest offerings and educational content.