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By Sensi Staff
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What is the name of your business and when did you start?

Suncrafted commenced its outdoor garden several years ago and has been cultivating, manufacturing and dispensing from its new hybrid greenhouse facility for just over a year.

Our mission is to deliver top notch alternative medicine using sustainable methods that truly make a difference.

Tell us about your employees

The company has grown rapidly in the past year as sustainability becomes more important to consumers. So we now have 42 employees across various departments including cultivation, production, retail and administration.

What services or products do you offer?

Suncrafted provides a diverse range of products, including Live rosin, Rosin Infused Gummies, and Ice Water Hash. The tea understands the sun’s pivotal role in natural plant growth and enhanced terpene profiles, resulting in remarkable uniqueness in the Massachusetts Market.

Where can people find you and your products?

Suncrafted HQ is situated at 477 Wareham St. Middleborough, MA 02346. Products crafted here are available in various dispensaries throughout the state and in its partners’ solventless products.

What made you start a company in this industry?

The founders believe in advancing operational sustainability and holistic medicine in this industry. Suncrafted HQ prioritizes growing both plants and people!

Why do you feel your business is important to the community?

The suncrafted model is important to the cannabis community as an example of sustainable medicine production. The company is important to its greater community as an operator that constantly raises awareness of responsible cannabis use as a therapeutic.

Does your business give back to your community?

The company loves getting its hands dirty in local initiatives, such as food drives and community cleanups. At Suncrafted its not just about growing green: its about cultivating a sustainable cannabis community.