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Reliable Hardware

 When you walk into a dispensary to purchase a vaporizer cartridge do you really know what you’re buying? Most consumers only think about the actual cannabis oil product itself — perhaps checking to make sure that the plant extract is free of fillers, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and other additives. Few people, however, think to ask what...

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Fueled by Positivity

 At its core, RopaNa Wellness is a business built on a passion for using what nature has given us to better our bodies and minds. Founded in 2017, the company offers a wide array of Vermont-grown CBD products designed to bring relief to customers in the New England market and beyond. Created by two outdoorsy, pet-loving yoga...

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Promotional Feature – “Where Wellness Meets Happiness”

Verilife combines compassion and a holistic approach to confidently guide you on your cannabis journey.  Verilife, affiliated with one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis companies in the nation, offers a personalized customer experience and a variety of high-quality products to meet your cannabis needs. With conveniently located dispensaries in six states and plans for continued expansion, Verilife...

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Promotional Feature: Taking a Deep Dive with Data Analytics

As the cannabis industry matures, operators are finding that it’s time to ditch those simple spreadsheets for more targeted datasets. "It’s been a really exciting journey,” says Colton Griffin, CEO of Flourish Software and a serial entrepreneur developing cannabis supply chain and business management enterprise software for a fast-moving, still-maturing industry.  What’s been missing amid the excitement is...

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Promotional Feature: Hometown Favorite

Purveyor of high-quality cannabis, Mayflower Medicinals supports local artists with fellowship opportunities. Over the last two and half years, the team at Mayflower Medicinals has worked tirelessly to create one of the premier cannabis brands in the Massachusetts market. From its 40,000-square-foot state-of-the-art cultivation and processing facility to its flagship medical store located in the neighborhood of Allston,...

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Promotional Feature: Packaging with Imagination

From high-gloss coatings to hot-gold stamping, Corners creates high-end packaging for Cannabis and CBD products. A product’s packaging is one of the more important advertorial tools in a brand’s pocket. Clear and crisp packaging that effectively presents a message can be the single most important factor in a consumer’s decision whether to purchase a product or not. In...

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