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Take Root

  After her mother died from breast cancer in 2011, April Arrasate, an attorney with an undergraduate degree in chemistry and biology, wanted to make cannabis-based medicines more accessible to patients battling chronic diseases. Putting her legal background to work, in 2013 Arrasate successfully secured one of only four cannabis cultivation licenses in her home state of Connecticut....

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National: From Reefer Man to Method Man

  Ganja and song seem to cross all borders. Today more than ever. The octogenarian country icon Willie Nelson (“roll me up and smoke me when I die”) is peddling his branded Willie’s Reserve strains just as he does his albums. You can pick up a couple grams of Khalifa Kush to enjoy alongside the latest Wiz Khalifa...

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Art in the Woods: Andres Institute of Art

Andres Institute of Art in Brookline, NH, combines an art museum experience with hiking. Enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon outdoors among dozens of original sculptures.  Visiting a museum has been tough, if not impossible, over the past several months. For safety reasons related to COVID-19, many museums around the country still remain closed. Those that have reopened have strict capacity and social distancing...

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Dust to Dust

Alongside the increasing number of people in the Bay State who are striving to live more sustainable, eco-friendly lives by opting for locally grown and organic foods, driving less, recycling more, and choosing to purchase fewer consumer goods, has come another, less-talked-about trend. Perhaps surprising to some, an increasing number of people are choosing to decrease their carbon...

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