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It’s a Wunder-ful World

 Seltzers and sparkling drinks are all the rage, but a new sessionable beverage called Wunder is taking California’s cannabis seltzer scene by storm. This low-dose, cannabis-infused beverage is a conscious alternative to alcohol and best served cold in the can or over ice. It’s precisely dosed with 2 mg of THC, 4 mg of CBD, and 2...

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Highly Creative

 Creative thinking is a competitive edge that separates the good from the great in all aspects of life, so get high and think about thinking. This guided journal is designed to engage your imagination to help uncover new ideas, build more productive habits, and inspire creative thoughts. Bonus: you’re supposed to use it while you’re high. It’s...

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Joint Session

The best paper roller will converge in a virtual ring of competition when rolling paper giant RAW celebrates the April 4/20 high holiday with its first annual “Rolling Championship of the WORLD” competition. Expect big-name judges, including RAW CEO Josh Kesselman (a.k.a. “the guardian of rolling papers”), High Times editors, and a panel of experts including Cody Van...

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Boom (er)!

 Recently, TerraVita CBD company introduced a collection of products unlike any offered in the saturated wellness marketplace: Shrooms Capsules, 30 mg of broad-spectrum CBD with adaptogenic mushrooms to “bring balance to the mind and body.” The range includes more than 50 benefit-specific earth-friendly solutions for everyday problems like aches and pains, lack of energy and focus, stress...

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Politically Correct

 Last month, the cannabis industry got a new advocate in the form of a first-of-its-kind coalition composed of a wide variety of national corporations and experts on everything from regulatory and enforcement structures to criminal justice reform.  The so-called Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation intentionally formed during the first 100 days of Joe Biden’s presidency...

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High Holiday

Refreshed, online, and free to the public, Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Hash Bash is celebrating its 50th birthday with a focus on the need for federal legalization and repairing the harms inflicted by the drug war. “Hash Bash is committed to the advocacy of federal cannabis legalization and to giving cannabis users and patients a voice,” said the event’s...

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Listen Up

IN-EAR HEADPHONES NuraLoop These easy-to-wear in-ear headphones are truly in your head—they adapt to your hearing. Say what? That’s right. They actually send sound into your eardrum that then informs the system about the best way to play for your individual hearing. The result is bass that hits the back of your brain and sharp clarity on every...

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Trail Magic

Outdoor activities cause sore muscles. CBD is said to relieve pain. Even though the outdoor industry has dabbled in the cannabidiol market for a few years, it wasn’t until this year that a dedicated outdoor brand contributed its own formulations to the billion-dollar category.  In January, Kelty launched a collection of pain-relief salves, after-sun lotions, and antibacterial and...

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Slow Fashion

Cheap sweatshop-made duds may soon be a thing of the past. Being isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way lots of folks think about the things they buy and use. Many people have discovered they don’t need a closet full of inexpensive sweaters when two or three sustainably made pullovers fit and look better, last longer,...

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Sexual Healing

Discover a Rhode Island resource for all things related to sex and sexuality.  Most people associate New Englanders with our buttoned-up Puritan forebears, but The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health (CSPH) in Providence is on a mission to change this perception. The nonprofit aims to provide “culturally inclusive, medically accurate, and pleasure-informed sexuality education, therapy, and professional...

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