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The Buzz – December 2020

Girl Power + Plant Power Boston-based Colette matches women with high-quality CBD products. The holiday season can be stressful, especially for busy women. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a special woman in your life or just a little something for yourself, Colette, an online CBD product retailer based in Boston, offers curated “Colette Kits” to...

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Basquiat is Back

Experience the artist who inspired America’s hip-hop revolution at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Originally scheduled to open in April, Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation opened on Oct. 18 at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston after COVID-19 forced the museum to close its doors for six months. The exhibit, which will run until...

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Plant Medicine: RAPÉH

Rapéh (pronounced “hay-peh”) is a sacred plant medicine from the Amazon region often referred to as "blank-slate-medicine." It’s non-psychoactive and totally legal, making it an amazing and powerful ally for meditation and a great entry point for people looking to experiment with more plant medicine. It's known for its grounding qualities that can help calm even the busiest...

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The Buzz – November 2020

Garden of Dreams - Natural Skincare Products from the White Mountains Based at the Snowvillage Inn in North Eaton, NH, Garden Dreams makes natural skincare products that can help with everything from healing cuts and bruises to getting rid of dark under-eye circles. The company, owned by New Hampshire native Jennifer Kovach, makes aftershave lotion for men scented...

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Cannabis + Covid-19 Survey – Call for Participants

Cannabis, COVID-19, and You Take the Anon Covid-19 and Cannabis Research Study    The non-profit Cannabis Center of Excellence, based in Worcester, MA, and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth are co-leading an anonymous study to determine the impact COVID-19 has had on medical and adult-use consumers. The study’s findings will be used to develop industry recommendations, educational materials,...

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Clean Cultivators

From specialized lighting to controlling environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, successfully cultivating cannabis at an indoor facility requires a lot of energy. Growers in locations with cold climates like Massachusetts often struggle to find ways to decrease their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprints. But one Bay State cannabis cultivator, Solar Therapeutics in Somerset, has...

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News, tips, and tidbits to keep you in the loop.

Sofar Sounds is redefining the concert experience. Read Kombucha is that increasingly popular drink that owes its probiotic properties and tangy taste to a mother fungus Read Sira Naturals founder says cultural stigma is preventing the cannabis industry from exploding in Massachusetts. Read What Matters This Month Read You?ve heard of Massholes. Here are their donuts. Read  ...

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