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Egozi Family Farms champion a different kind of brand...
By Debbie Hall
Photo Courtesy - Egozi Family Farms
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If you ask Elias Egozi, owner and founder of Egozi Family Farms, what words might describe his approach to cannabis, dedication, and passion come to mind. Egozi is a vertical, single-source cannabis company focused on cultivation and solventless extraction. Their hands-on approach and intense attention to detail warrant their reputation of offering premium quality cannabis at an affordable price. 

The company’s name, Egozi, is the family name of the founder and owner, Elias Egozi. Egozi moved to Denver in 2017 seeking more precise and more straightforward cannabis regulation after spending three years cultivating in Northern California—a much different regulatory climate than Colorado, especially from 2014 to 2016. The company is family-owned and operated, and in February of 2023, they expanded, opening Alto Dispensary. 



The Egozi family name is associated with unity, advocacy, and care. The veins of advocacy run deep, beginning with the matriarch of the Egozi family, Karen Basha Egozi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Epilepsy Alliance Florida. “Patients would ask about CBD and Charlotte’s Web (a strain developed by crossbreeding cannabis with industrial hemp) treatments. This is back in 2010, long before medical marijuana was even being talked about in Florida.” 

Elias would pivot into Florida’s political scene and eventually take the role of State Director for United for Care, the advocacy group behind Florida’s Amendment 2. “We began to pay attention to medicinal cannabis,” says Elias. “We started with patient advocacy and then into the political realm to legalize cannabis in Florida.” The amendment was passed in 2016, developing a legal medicinal cannabis program in Florida. “Unfortunately, most people, including us, were priced out of participating in the Florida cannabis market.” Continues Egozi. “That’s when I moved to California and began to get my feet wet, so to speak.”

After moving to Colorado in 2017, Elias entered the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) by joining Elevation Fight Team—the team behind UFC champions Justin Gaetje, Kamaru Usman, and Cory Sandhagen, to name a few. “The overlap between MMA and cannabis was very surprising to me,” says Egozi. “I thought I would be an outcast in the sport because of my consumption habit, but I found I was actually amongst friends.”

Egozi’s cultivation team relies on every controllable factor, including the plants’ genetics, watering and dry back cycles, nutrient cycles, environmental controls, and pest controls. The Egozi team follows a strict schedule and avoids non-organic pest control methods. Their flower is grown in a hybrid soil, blending unique sources of nutrient input with streamlined processes.



“It is not rocket science, even though some people would have you believe that,” says Elias. “Our procedures include extreme cleanliness, consistency, and attention to detail from start to finish. We master fundamentals and consistently perform them very well.” 

As for developing strains, the company’s in-house breeding program has begun working to discover, develop, test, and implement new genetics that express unique characteristics in structure, color, smell, taste, and effect. “What keeps our team excited is finding new expressions of genetics that haven’t been discovered yet. That keeps everyone motivated, creative, and excited, chasing the newest, coolest, and most flavorful strain. 

Egozi’s cutting-edge approach to creating their extracts involves using only ice, water, heat, and pressure to make them completely solventless. This ensures the hash is potent, pure, and a more health-conscious option. The company is particular about its quality standards, providing only the finest input materials and quality controls on everything going out.



Their team commits to never releasing anything that uses chemical solvents since solventless extraction produces a cleaner product and eliminates the risk of residual solvents remaining in the final product. Solventless is also sustainable in producing concentrates and contributes to a better plant expression than hydrocarbon or solvent-based extraction. It naturally preserves the trichomes without disturbing or altering their original terpene profile. This is evident in the effects produced by hash rosin, which closely resembles the effects of flowers. 

All Egozi flowers used to make concentrates are hand-harvested and hand-trimmed with a prolonged cure. “It takes more time but contributes to a more potent and favorable end product,” says Egozi. A low and slow cure is also used to process the hash instead of a sped-up heat cure, contributing to terpene preservation, volatility, expression, and stable shelf life. 

Egozi is committed to consumer education, providing educational terpene booklets with packaging and informative pop-up displays at dispensaries. Consistency is vital, and their focus remains on delivering a reliable and affordable option for their customers while educating the market and bringing overall awareness to cannabis and its intricacies.

Their goal is for a genuine connection with the people they serve. After witnessing the corporate world of cannabis that developed in Colorado and across the country, Egozi wanted a different feel for his brand. He wanted consumers to know who created, developed, and put their lives into the Egozi brand and its products. The concept is always to be transparent about where the product comes from, how it’s made, and who is behind it.

“We want to continue to serve the community and culture that brought us here in the first place while offering high-quality, clean, safe products at affordable prices,” says Elias. “We want to ensure that the culture and values that created the industry we all love remain in place through the changes we are experiencing and the prevalent political pressures. We hope our passion and dedication come through in everything we do, from products to packaging, operations, and community participation.”

For more info, visit and, and follow them on Instagram @ egozi.official. 

Products Offered By Egozi Include:

Live Rosin Cold Cure

Live Rosin Jam

Live Rosin Badder

Live Rosin Vape Carts

Live Rosin Syringes

Slow Cured Deli Style Flower

Slow Cured Prepack Flower

Live Rosin + CBD Infused Gummies

Live Rosin + CBN Infused Gummies

Egozi Enterprises

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