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Chronic Relief Event: David Tran & Farechild Events bring social impact to 4/20/20

Our mission is to unite the global cannabis community in celebration of 4/20 bringing entertainment, words of encouragement and the giving spirit to those in need.

PURPOSE – In our current state of uncertainty, we know it’s essential to unite as a community to offer strength and optimism during this international crisis. The cannabis industry was built on the giving spirit and if there has ever been a time to harness the strength of the cannabis community, it’s now. Let’s come together to support those facing hunger as a result of the COVID-19. WHEN – We have the opportunity to make this 4/20 the most iconic celebration in our community’s history. There is no better time than the present for the cannabis space to make a lasting impact where it matters most. As all major 4/20 celebrations have been cancelled, we have the opportunity to leverage our partnerships and vast network of supporters to capture a large audience of virtual cannabis enthusiasts in support of a virtuous cause. Cannabis consumers and advocates are looking for a way to connect with their peers on 4/20 and Chronic Relief is the answer. VISION – In the spirit of legendary fundraisers like the Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon, Chronic Relief looks to bring many of the same aspects of the time-honored tradition, but in a virtual world where viewers can join a live-stream. The event will act as a platform to raise money for charity with 100% of all funds raised via donation during broadcast will be given to Feeding America (501c3). A donation link will be visible on the live-stream screen.In addition to the opportunity to donate to, viewers can expect to see video segments from artists, influencers and celebrities. Live musical performances and interviews with influencers will stream live from our Seattle-based studio in a true variety-show format. It will be a 4/20 to remember.