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Scott & Itoh’s Metal Shop

By Sensi Staff
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metalwork shop

In the ever-changing universe that surrounds the cannabis industry, one thing is certain: consumers are always looking for new and exciting ways to partake in cannabis consumption. That has led to many brands and retailers to the drawing board to create new pipes, vapes, and other innovations. But, having an idea and bringing it to fruition are two vastly different things, especially if you want to create something out of metal.

Luckily for creators in Michigan, there is the Scott & Itoh Machine Company in Madison Heights. Expert at machine fabrication, it has a long history in the automotive and defense industries and is looking to work with more cannabis companies in one of Michigan’s more exciting industries.

“We would like to diversify into new industries and customer bases with our expertise in the machine industry,” says Jeff Scott, president of Scott & Itoh Machine Co. “We think the cannabis industry offers this chance, and we think we can offer those who wish to bring smoking tools to the market some help and guidance.”

Bringing the best of American and Japanese manufacturing technology and expertise, Scott & Itoh can help shepherd a project from birth to culmination. Its design experts can sit down with you to hash out a project and help troubleshoot any issues they notice. Then they can quickly turn out a prototype for testing, cost analysis, and scalability. They will work with their customers through all of the steps needed to develop a final design that both works and is economically feasible. Best of all, they can then produce it in any short or large runs required.

Working with 6000 Series Aluminum, CA 360 Brass, and high-quality steel, Scott & Itoh can help turn a brand or individual’s dream into reality quickly to meet the needs of its consumers as they arise. If you have been thinking about that cutting-edge item your customers want, give Scott & Itoh a call.

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