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Orange Photonics

Orange Photonics was launched in 2015 in New London, NH, where we currently manufacture...
By Sensi Staff
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Orange Photonics was launched in 2015 in New London, NH, where we currently manufacture instruments and support our customers. We offer the LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer and its more-sensitive big sister LightLab 3 High Sensitivity Cannabis Analyzer, which our customers use to test the potency of cannabis plants and products at their facilities. Light Lab is the world’s only fit-for-purpose HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) that any non-scientist can use for repeatable, accurate cannabinoid test panels.

What makes your business unique?

 Orange Photonics is the analytical bridge between recreational and regulatory stakeholders. LightLab is agnostic and accurate: it gives the right answers regardless of your technical background or the testing application. LightLab has been adopted by every industry segment including hemp farmers across America, nine of the top ten MSOs, over a dozen State Cannabis Control Commissions and similar agencies, and most recently by the US Food and Drug Administration.

What made you choose to start a company in this industry?

Dylan Wilks is a 3rd generation spectroscopist and former NASA optics solutions provider, who invented LightLab and still leads our team as Chief Technical Officer. In 2014, Dylan recognized that the cannabis industry was operating without onsite product testing capabilities. In the years that followed Orange Photonics truly shaped the way the cannabis industry uses science. Jill Carreiro, joined the team in 2021, to lead the sales team, using her background in large-scale manufacturing in pharma and food AgroSciences to bring the science to its users.

What is your company mission?

Our mission at Orange Photonics is to provide accessible, accurate scientific solutions for industries that need them. For the first eight years, we focused on cannabis analysis because there was a significant gap in the data available to cultivators and extractors. We have since expanded to new industries and testing applications.

Why do you feel your business is important to the community?

In a space where “Tribal Wizardry” is king, the ability to have any team member accurately collect potency data with LightLab from a simple 12-minute test is truly game-changing. You cannot improve upon that which you don’t measure, and LightLab is a genius investment for anyone who understands what operational excellence and process analytics really means, or could mean, for their cannabis business. When we help knowledgeable growers push their harvests to peak commercial viability by monitoring cannabinoid profiles, or inform extraction teams how to dial in processes per strain, it allows them to leverage their team’s ability to learn and do better.

Moreover, as the nation surges forward to a rescheduling/national cannabis picture, LightLab is front and center: FDA Greenlights Mobile Cannabis Analyzer To Boost Accuracy And Safety (

Does your business give back to your community?

The Orange Photonics team collects and donates basic necessities for a local facility that provides safe, clean housing for women and children fleeing domestic violence.