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Diaspora (Dx) is a 21+ Membership Association (Private Club) that opened in March 2023. Our purpose is to build community...
By Sensi Staff
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Diaspora (Dx) is a 21+ Membership Association (Private Club) that opened in March 2023. Our purpose is to build community through curated, infused events via its multiple locations across Cambridge and the Boston Metro area. Dx has produced a range of infused events from wellness (canna-yoga), Cannabis industry brand activations, Comedy shows, Culinary events, and large-scale social events with full entertainment, alcohol, and live music performances. The top Massachusetts Cannabis brands have utilized Dx-infused spaces for corporate network mixers as well as infused social events. Dx also has also partnered with educational institutions including the Harvard Business School Cannabis Club for an infused dinner, educational events, and policy discussions (Let’s Talk Weed) all centered around sharing experiences with Cannabis. Over 12,000 individuals have already participated in the sponsored events!

Where can people find you?

You can visit our website and Instagram to see a schedule of events, including Canna-Yoga, Policy Discussion, Gaming/Trivia Nights, Clack Underground Live Music series and other industry related events with music, food and consumption. We’re excited to announce that in 2024, Dx will also provide the DxTech platform to assists people in scheduling and executing their own gatherings Our membership community is where the Canna-curious to the O.G. can connect with our community by pairing infused curated experiences with culturally rich offerings. In 2024 Dx will be launching its Membership Program that will include exclusive access to our day time coffee shop/co-working space, evening events program, and more.

Where did the name Diaspora come from?

The term Diaspora typically refers to the dispersion or scattering of people or community outside of their normal traditional homeland. For Cannabis users, the negative stigma and targeted governmental enforcements has driven many of us away from our families, communities and workplaces in order to connect with the plant. Dx has created elevated spaces for the Diasporic tribe to return, convene and connect. As a Black-owned company it was also important to create safe spaces for marginalized communities that are not well represented in the Cannabis Industry thus far.

What made you choose to start a company in this industry?

As the co-owner of Yamba Market and Yamba Boutique, I know first-hand the challenges of selling Cannabis. I realized that after buying Cannabis, there is a shortage of elevated spaces to connect with others and share experiences. I believe my purpose in life is place-making, and this purpose is fulfilled for me through DX. There is no other industry outside of Cannabis where entrepreneurs of color can help shape the trajectory of an industry with one great idea and a lot of hustle.

What else does Dx offer besides infused experiences?

Keep an eye on Dx as they continue to redefine the cannabis experience. Follow them online and prepare for the launch of the DxTech platform in 2024. The future of cannabis tech and community is evolving, and Dx is leading the way.