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Dazed is the name, staying groovy is the game...
By Sensi Staff
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Dazed is the name, staying groovy is the game! We have had a love for cannabis for over a decade. We created Dazed in late 2020 but didn’t officially launch until summer 2021.

Up until not that long ago, we would have never imagined being able to work with the plant every day and sharing our knowledge with all. What we do is a dream come true!

What products does your company offer?

We offer white labeling and consulting for grows and processing. For our brand Dazed we make live resin carts, distillate carts, and live resin infused pre-rolls. Last year we bought our first grow and began to cultivate our own flower, and this year we added another grow!

Where can people find you or your products?

Our first processing facility is in Newcastle, and our new second facility is inside our new dispensary, Dazed on Route 66. You can find us in our dispensary of course, but also all over Oklahoma! Especially in OKC, Edmond, Tulsa, and Norman.

What was your mission at the start of your company?

Ultimately our mission is to be a truly local born-and-raised brand that can offer quality products at reasonable prices for patients.

From there our social presence developed, as did a new mission to create a brand that everyone could relate to and feel included in, which adheres nicely to our original goal of offering affordable, safe, quality products.

How many employees do you have?

This is hard to give an exact answer to. We have a huge supportive family and friends, and they are always willing to help in any way possible. We feel more like all of our people work with us rather than for us. And for that we are lucky!

Why do you feel your business is important to the community?

For us that feeling comes from the patients whose testimonials and direct appreciation we are lucky to witness every day in our store. (Not to mention the amazing dispensaries out there who keep Dazed on the shelves.)

We have a true passion for serving the community and for always providing safe, quality products. To us, that is very important.

How does your business give back to your community?

We are an Oklahoma-based brand, born and raised, so it’s only right that we give back to our community. The dispensary we own is in the heart of OKC, just down the street from where a lot of us grew up.

We love being out and about in the community at every event we can make, where we can interact with the members of the community/patients who love us and who want to see how our products are grown/ made.

We love just making sure that Dazed is known as an Oklahoma-based brand, giving back to the community in every way we can!

We love just making sure that Dazed is known as an Oklahoma-based brand, giving back to the community in every way that we can!