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Bowling Ball Beach

After living around the country, photographer Clint Musgrove and his family moved east of San Francisco in 2002. He fell in love with Northern California landscapes, and after taking a break from photography for years, the area’s beauty inspired him to start retaking photographs in 2014. On an April night in 2018, Musgrove ventured to Schooner Gulch State...

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San Francisco Dreamin’

A photographer channels psychedelic times with a Golden Gate Bridge abstract. After months of travel restrictions former Bay Area photographer Jude Bartlett was desperate for an escape—and found it through imagination. Feeling nostalgic for the Bay, Bartlett (who goes by the pronouns they/their) scanned their gallery of San Francisco images before landing on one of the Golden Gate...

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What the Flock?

On-demand flamboyances of flamingos are landing on Napa’s front yards.  COVID has shaken up nearly every aspect of our lives from how we work to how we celebrate special occasions. With new shutdown orders canceling all gatherings. it’s harder than ever to celebrate birthdays and show you care. That’s where The Fancy Flamingo shines. Using a fleet of...

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Tag for Change

Photos courtesy of THE VELVET BANDIT The Velvet Bandit inspires through unsanctioned street art. If you’ve wandered the streets of Sonoma County lately, you’ve likely seen the colorful clever art that’s pasted to dilapidated buildings, light poles, park benches, and dumpsters. This unsanctioned street art—focusing on all things 2020: the pandemic, voting, social justice, and evens washing your hands—is all the work of...

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California Burnin’

Devastating and evergrowing fires test California yet again. Our imaginations have failed us. Though scientists have sounded the alarm on climate change for decades, our vision has been distant images of climate change for decades, our vision has been distant images of vanishing beaches and uninhabitable desert cities. Sad for island nations, sure, but NIM-BY-ism has been a...

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