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The Cannabis Gardener by Penny Barthel

Penny Barthel is a nutritionist, recipe developer, gardener, and self-described plant nerd. She’s also a certified cannabis horticulturist as well as a published author, and she wants you to know that cannabis is as easy to grow as a tomato plant. In case you don’t want to take her on her word, she’s got a whole book that...

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High Holiday

Refreshed, online, and free to the public, Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Hash Bash is celebrating its 50th birthday with a focus on the need for federal legalization and repairing the harms inflicted by the drug war. “Hash Bash is committed to the advocacy of federal cannabis legalization and to giving cannabis users and patients a voice,” said the event’s...

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Listen Up

IN-EAR HEADPHONES NuraLoop These easy-to-wear in-ear headphones are truly in your head—they adapt to your hearing. Say what? That’s right. They actually send sound into your eardrum that then informs the system about the best way to play for your individual hearing. The result is bass that hits the back of your brain and sharp clarity on every...

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Trail Magic

Outdoor activities cause sore muscles. CBD is said to relieve pain. Even though the outdoor industry has dabbled in the cannabidiol market for a few years, it wasn’t until this year that a dedicated outdoor brand contributed its own formulations to the billion-dollar category.  In January, Kelty launched a collection of pain-relief salves, after-sun lotions, and antibacterial and...

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The Buzz – NorCal – March 2021

New Wing & Barrel Ranch clubhouse brings a fusion of food, wine, and sporting club action to the valley.  Discerning nature, food, and wine enthusiasts are flocking to Sonoma’s Wing & Barrel Ranch, a member’s-only sporting club overlooking Sonoma Creek and wine country’s agricultural lands. First founded in 2013, Wing & Barrel just completed its signature clubhouse with...

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The Buzz -NorCal – February 2021

Rad in Plaid This hip flannel shirt is on trend, tricked out, and ready to party. In the 90’s, baggy plaid shirts added a retro touch to the grunge aesthetic. Three decades later, plaid is back, though how many times it’s come and gone since it first emerged in Scotland in the 1700's, we cannot say. It’s now...

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The Buzz – NorCal – January 2021

High Tea Experience Stay in Sonoma, and the CBD tea tour comes to you. Whether you’re having a ladies’ getaway or a romantic weekend in Sonoma County, upgrade your experience with the new High Tea Experience from Happy Travelers Tours. The $125 package is for guests age 21 and up, and includes three CBD-infused looseleaf teas brewed tableside...

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The Buzz – NorCal – December 2020

Old Becomes New Restoration reinvigorates Grass Valley’s historic Holbrooke Hotel. If the Holbrooke Hotel’s walls could talk, what stories they would tell. Once home to Mark Twain and host to five US Presidents, the Holbrooke dates back to the Gold Rush and is one of California’s oldest operating hotels. And after two years of careful renovation and restoration, it’s finally...

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Plant Medicine: RAPÉH

Rapéh (pronounced “hay-peh”) is a sacred plant medicine from the Amazon region often referred to as "blank-slate-medicine." It’s non-psychoactive and totally legal, making it an amazing and powerful ally for meditation and a great entry point for people looking to experiment with more plant medicine. It's known for its grounding qualities that can help calm even the busiest...

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