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The Scene

Game Changer

Here’s our roundup of hotspots for celebrating playoff season and the Big Game. Pandemic or no, Nevada’s sports-obsessed fans, along with those simply looking for a good party, still want to share the highs and lows of the playoffs and the fanfare of the Super Bowl on February 7. These are some of our favorite places to enjoy...

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Destiny with Downtown

Grand Opening of Circa Resort & Casino WHERE: CIRCA RESORT & CASINO WHEN: OCT. 28, 2020 LEARN MORE: CIRCALASVEGAS.COM PHOTOS: COURTESY OF CIRCA RESORT & CASINO Circa Resort & Casino, the first resort-casino built from the ground up in downtown Las Vegas in more than 40 years, celebrated its grand opening with a black-tie VIP party. The 1.25-million-square-foot...

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Not of This World

Converge into AREA15 for experiential art. Much like the highly classified Air Force base and (allegedly) alien research counterpart in the desert, AREA15 immerses all who enter its domain in experiential art that defies convention and the ordinary. AREA15 is a vibrant mashup of sculpture, immersive experience, community, music, and food in one building. Its art galleries, including...

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Legendary Links of Ghosts and Golf

Wildhorse Golf Club trots into the future, bringing along the past and present. Navigating traffic along Warm Springs Road, you might catch a glimpse of a thick tree-line drive. If you turned onto the drive, it would take you to Wildhorse Golf Club, a place of serenity where social-distanced fun, joys of nature, and history come to life....

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Zen and the Art of Apple Pie

Become one with the dough and bring a taste of flaky bliss to the table. First, there is that apple-cinnamon/caramel steam that grabs you by the nose. Then you see the whole pie emerge from the oven and, finally, a warm apple pie wedge whose juices mingle the melting vanilla bean gelato. You take a bite and smile,...

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Stick it Where? Cannabis Suppositories

Cannabis suppositories offer relief and comfort. As a cannabis writer living in Humboldt, CA, I don’t shy away from trying new things. CBD eye cream? Sure! Sea salt caramels with a micro-dose of THC? Obviously! So when it came time to try cannabis suppositories, I didn’t blink. A firm believer in the power of plants, I’ve made my...

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A Stuffing Tale: The Best Stuffing Ever

Diversity rules the side dishes that fill our feast table. I was well into high school before I got an inkling that lasagna was not a traditional Thanksgiving side dish and that turkey stuffing usually involved cubed bread. The earliest feasts tucked in the cubby holes of my memory were eaten in shifts around a large table at...

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Twist on Meals: Egg Sammie Reconstructs the Conventional Meal

A new twist on a favorite can first create a trend, then a tradition. Chef and partner Marc Marrone demonstrates his artistry with eggs, bread, and other ingredients at Egg Sammie.  “Our whole approach was to fill a niche market. As long as I have lived in Las Vegas, no matter what is going on, breakfast places are always crazy busy,” says...

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Pot in the Polls – Legalization on the 2020 Ballot

Cannabis legalization is on November ballots in five states this November. Here’s what you need to know before the 2020 election. As of September 2020, 33 states have passed medical marijuana laws, and 11 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for adult use. And according to New Frontier Data, 98.6 percent of the US is living in...

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