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Help Beyond Borders

The former first lady of Mexico dedicates her post-political life to furthering education, health, and stability for the most vulnerable in her country. After serving as a country’s first lady, what does a person do next? Former first lady Marta Sahagún de Fox, along with her husband, Vicente Fox Quesada, the 55th president of Mexico (2000-2006), advocates and...

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Savor the Moment

Honey Old-Fashioned Makes 1 drink INGREDIENTS 1 1⁄2 ounces Mount Gay Rum XO 1 bar spoon runny honey 2 dashes angostura bitters 1 1⁄2 ounces hot water Orange peel rind INSTRUCTIONS • Add rum, honey, and bitters to an old fashioned glass. Add hot water and stir until honey is dissolved. • Hold orange peel with both hands...

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How Mindful Baking Heals

Flour, Sugar, and the Flow My favorite life moments are when I completely lose track of me. I’m chopping toasted walnuts, simmering Jonathan apples with vanilla bean, and working butter, salt, and flour to a consistency only my fingertips can recognize. Playing with the dough like a kid, I layer the filling over the bottom crust and mess with the...

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How to Grow Tropical Plants at Home

Baby it’s cold outside, but these easy-breezy houseplants can add an instant island vibe to your home no matter what’s happening out there. Your dreams for a Caribbean getaway this year get dashed by a pandemic that most of closed the country’s borders, too? While it’s not quite the same as frolicking on sugary soft beaches flanked by...

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Spicy or Sweet: Vegas Baby Vodka Embraces the Taste of the City

Whether it’s for a romantic dinner or a refreshing poolside beverage, Vegas Baby Vodka captures the spirit of the city with its delicious taste. Vegas locals Jennifer Higgins and Megan Wilkes founded Vegas Baby Spirits in 2019, turning their love of cosmopolitan cocktails into a brand available in nearly 100 locations throughout Las Vegas including Lee’s Discount Liquor....

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Healing Ability – Cure 4 The Kids Foundation

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation debuts Arts in Medicine Program. Last year, about a thousand children diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening conditions were impacted by the Arts in Medicine program through Project Imagine. Since 2010, the initiative’s founder Diane Mifsud has used her artistic talents working with children who are receiving treatment at the Cure 4 The...

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CBN for Zzz

Sleep is a vital sign of health and well-being, and I’m an insomniac—have been for as long as I’ve been an adult. I’m also a magazine junkie, so every month I read another article about the importance of restful shut-eye and tips to help me achieve it. And I’ve tried them all, to no avail. I bought blackout...

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