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Moonalice Rolls Out a Fun 420 Cover Song in Time for our Fave Green Holiday

Bay area psychedelic pioneers of pot and merrymaking musicianship, Moonalice rolls out a fun 420 cover song in time for our fave green holiday...
By Jen Bernstein
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Moonalice Rolls Out a Fun 420 Cover Song in Time for our Fave Green Holiday blog image

Harkening sounds reminiscent of “jazz cigarette” days and reefer madness, the inimitable, psychedelic rock 10-piece band Moonalice comes barreling at our earholes this April 20 with a special green holiday cover of Asleep At the Wheel’s “Am I High?” that’s sure to tickle funny bones and incite some giggles.

“Am I High?” questions just that — is it possible and most likely probable that it was the booze or the blow that caused the vocalist to experience “rubberized legs”? Crooning the swanky and soul-felt bridges is OG writer/ composer Ray Benson (founder of the eight-time Grammy-winning Asleep At the Wheel).

No strangers to supporting the cannabis movement, Moonalice have been active and advocating for legalization for what feels like forever, having performed their first concert at a medical marijuana benefit in 2007.

Moonalice also holds the title of being the first band to live stream concerts on Facebook Live … and the first band without a label to achieve one million downloads of a song from its own servers. While “Am I High?” is sure to garner a lot of downloads, it’s definitely worth revisiting Moonalice’s original “It’s 4:20 Somewhere,” which has been downloaded over 4.6 million times. By the final tokes, I mean notes of “Am I High?” you’ll be exhaling ecstatically and feeling just as lifted as the moon, Alice!

Be sure to follow Moonalice on all their heady tours n trips down the road here: