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Submissions Open: 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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’Tis the Season to Be Present

Want to show off your goods to our captive audience of cannabis-curious consumers in markets across the country? Sensi’s first-ever national gift guide will feature gifts for all the naughty and nice people on your list, from inexpensive tokens to splurge-worthy extravagances. If it’s worth giving, we want to know about it—soon.

Cannabis and non-cannabis-related items welcome. Sensi’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide will highlight our editors’ fave items in all sorts of categories: THC products (available by market), CBD, cannabis accessories, activities, art, fashion, stocking stuffers, home, tech/gadgets, stocking stuffers, fancy, last-minute, gifts that give back, books, travel, unique, splurge-worthy items, and more.

Along with the national items, we’ll have local gift guides highlighting the best of the best in each of our Sensi markets:

Colorado | Southern California | Northern California (Bay Area, Wine Country, Emerald Triangle) | Las Vegas / Nevada | Detroit / Michigan | Boston / New England | Florida

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New 2020 Gift Guide: The National Issue

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Celebrating From Coast to Coast

The national gift guide will appear in all of our digital magazines PLUS on sensimag.com as a special feature that we’ll be promoting throughout the month. Local gift guides will appear on the market sites, giving you the best opportunity to get your products in front of the right audience.

Due to volume of submissions, product samples will not be returned.

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