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Dialed In Gummies

The Dialed In… mission began with the desire to bring another caliber of quality to the edible market...
By Sensi Staff
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Dialed In… Gummies serves the important role of bridging the gap between flower and edibles for the consumer. Before Dialed In… launched, and still to this day, many edibles in the Colorado market have been made and sold without highlighting the quality of the cannabis within. Dialed In… brought cannabis quality back into the edible conversation through our small batch, collaborative style.

Where can people ­find you or your products?

You can find us at dispensaries all over Colorado, and our website “find a batch” page is constantly updated to reflect new batch releases and locations.

How many employees do you have?

Just over 60 employees.

What services or products do you offer?

Our liquid and classic gummies are made from solventless extract only, and curated to spotlight a medley of strains that people know and love, from up to 90+ distinct cultivators and extractors across the state of Colorado.

Our classic gummies are exactly what they sound like: 10 delicious gummies per tin in two flavors in a strategic strain pairing. Our liquid gummies are crafted to be extremely versatile. We recommend adding them to anything – from your drinks to your cereal, to sauces!

What was your mission at the start of your company?

Being the first to Colorado’s market with rosin edibles, the Dialed In… mission began with the desire to bring another caliber of quality to the edible market.

What made you choose to start a company in this industry?

There was an established industry norm for edibles at the time of our launch that accommodated (what we would consider) inferior cannabis concentrates to make edibles.

We wanted to elevate the conversation to reflect the current quality standards for hash, which resulted in a full-spectrum edible, using clean water and ice-extracted rosin by and for the community.

We also wanted to be transparent to let the customer know where the material we used to make our gummies came from, something no one else was doing.

Does your business give back to your community? (If so, walk us through what you’re doing & why this focus is important to you)

Our brand is driven by an ethos of collaboration and that’s a very iterative process for us. Generally speaking, we’re big believers in investing our efforts locally, whether it be supporting local artists, non-profits, or the amazing local community of growers and extractors.

From a business production standpoint, we also make sure to highlight our brand partners in meaningful ways, whereas many edible companies usually repress their material partners.

We prioritize collaboration and believe this is what builds communities and helps separate us from some of the other brands in the space.