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Promotional Feature: Motivational Marijuana

More and more athletes are utilizing cannabis to reach their exercise goals and recover from tough workouts. If you’re the kind of person who keeps a gym bag handy for an early morning run or after-work pickup game, then chances are you’re filling it with more than running shoes and sports drinks these days. For a growing number...

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Promotional Feature: Navigating the Trapdoors of Growing and Selling Hemp

Cannabis business owners should seek legal assistance to mitigate risks in the heavily regulated and evolving hemp industry. Navigating the tricky waters of a federally illegal substance that’s now legalized in a majority of states, in some form or another, is not for the fainthearted. Every lawyer knows about the complicated legal trapdoors—yet some dive in anyway. “I...

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Promotional Feature: Perfecting the Craft for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Developing better, repeatable strains—and making new ones—drives The Farm. Now that the industry has hit its stride, one of the fastest-growing product segments is craft cannabis—those carefully tended, small-batch, one-of-a-kind strains that have proven to be either incredibly popular over the years (think Durban Poison or Blue Dream) or were created with the cannabis connoisseur in mind. And...

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