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Growers Unite!

 “We like to be grangerly,” says Vincent Scholten, president of Hessel Farmers Grange #750 in Sebastopol, California. By this, he means acting with kindness, respect, and inclusivity, and as a 15-year veteran granger, it’s practically his motto. So what’s a grange and a granger you say? We’re glad you asked. The Grange, formally known as The National...

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A Better Crop

 When a team from iconic outdoor brand Patagonia met in Denver during the Outdoor Retailer trade show in 2019 to discuss the possibility of working with an industrial hemp farm in the U.S., Colorado Gov. Jared Polis took note. He responded—immediately—showing up for a lunch and listen and then sending a rep to tell the brand that...

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Compassionate Cannabis

 Cannabis and the law have long been bitter rivals—but more and more states are reevaluating medical and recreational cannabis use. In California, legislators and activists continue to normalize and support medical cannabis.  One network of licensed cannabis companies called “Dear Cannabis;” (yes, the semicolon is part of the name) has launched compassion projects to eliminate costs for...

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Stone’s Show

Stone Slade was born for this. Literally. The reality TV star’s first breath, at a hospital in Guadalajara in 1971, was laced with cannabis smoke from a hit his father shotgunned in his newborn face—a rite of passage that seemed completely normal among the big, crazy family of rock stars, drug smugglers, and assorted other characters Slade grew...

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Myco Moment

 Plaid. Pink. Pineapples. Minimalism. Maximalism. Mushrooms. What these things share in common, aside from alliteration, is that they all have recurring moments—in art, in home décor, on the runways—bouncing in and out of the zeitgeist, embraced one decade and shunned the next.  Mushrooms, though. For the weird at heart, fungi never go out of style. There’s just...

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On The Cover: Jane Says

Photo Credits: Photography by Andrew Bydlon / Hair + Makeup by Anderson Gonzalez So picture this: it’s a warm evening in the waning days of summer, and you’re in California Wine Country on your first trip in the post-COVD-19 world—the afterworld, an open world, a healthy world, a world filled with laughter and joy and experiences and friends....

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It Happened Here

Photo by Elliot Whitehead (@elliot.whitehead / www.whiteheadworks.com) I was struggling to write an article about a traumatic breakup with my yoga studio when my daughter called to tell me there was an active shooter at the neighborhood grocery store we frequented almost daily for 25 years. I abandoned the prose (which no longer mattered) and hopped online to learn...

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National: From Reefer Man to Method Man

  Ganja and song seem to cross all borders. Today more than ever. The octogenarian country icon Willie Nelson (“roll me up and smoke me when I die”) is peddling his branded Willie’s Reserve strains just as he does his albums. You can pick up a couple grams of Khalifa Kush to enjoy alongside the latest Wiz Khalifa...

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Home Baked

In the 1970s, a free-spirited woman whipped up and hand-delivered marijuana-laced brownies to hippies, artists, and activists in the Bay Area. Her daughter shares her story. Alia Volz grew up in San Francisco, the daughter of the cannabis connoisseur who founded Sticky Fingers Brownies. The company baked and distributed thousands of marijuana brownies per month and helped provide...

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Let’s Go Skiing

Find out where and how to safely shred this season in California. PHOTO COURTESY OF NORTHSTAR Despite strict lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, California’s ski resorts are open for the season. Sure, you’ll have to comply with numerous rules to visit, but these regulations keep the mountains open to all. And some good news: Skiing...

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