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Featured Article

National Feature: HACK THE MUNCHIES

If you’ve ever smoked a strong indica, you know the munchies. They’ve been a thing since humans first began using cannabis. In fact, people in ancient China and India drank cannabis tea as an appetite stimulant, and this remedy shows up MANY TIMES in medical and pharmaceutical texts throughout the ages.

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Southern Colorado Feature: Ivy Weed

CSU-Pueblo is launching the state’s first cannabis degree program, one of only a handful in the nation. STORY BY ROBYN GRIGGS LAWRENCE In yet, another sign that the cannabis industry is mainstreaming—and that southern Colorado is indeed the Silicon Valley of cannabis—Colorado State University-Pueblo will be among the first in the nation to offer a bachelor of science...

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National Feature: Only Natural

Medicine’s future is plant-based. STORY BY JULIE RAQUE The evolution of medicine dates back thousands of years and spans many continents and belief systems. From ancient Ayurvedic medicine to the most modern developments in pharmaceuticals, medicine has changed and shifted drastically over the past 5,000 years. With the mass availability of information, humans have become educated in the...

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National Feature: Struggling in Silence

Sadly, mental health is simply not a priority at any level— local, state, or national. In this country, the communities most in need of mental health services are denied care because of systemic bias and indifference. The stark reality of America’s mental health crisis never hits home quite so hard as when illness affects someone close to us....

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Promotional Feature: Navigating the Trapdoors of Growing and Selling Hemp

Cannabis business owners should seek legal assistance to mitigate risks in the heavily regulated and evolving hemp industry. Navigating the tricky waters of a federally illegal substance that’s now legalized in a majority of states, in some form or another, is not for the fainthearted. Every lawyer knows about the complicated legal trapdoors—yet some dive in anyway. “I...

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