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Sounds Like Psychedelic Meditation

In light of the recent psychedelic resurgence (a Covid silver lining: free time many among us used to expand our minds), techno auteur Jon Hopkins hopes his new album Music for Psychedelic Therapy, set to release on November 12, will take listeners on a new kind of meditative musical journey. It’s the English artist and producer’s first full-length...

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Platinum Brands Tastes Success

Since starting as cultivators in 2010, father Cody Sadler and his son George have grown their company, recently branching out with Platinum (PV) high-quality flower, vapes, and edibles. Funded initially by selling a pair of dirt bikes, the enterprise started with just six plants growing in their garage. The business has grown from delivery-only to retail and production,...

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Pie in the Sky

This infused pie crust recipe will elevate your dessert game. According to the experts at San Diego’s March and Ash cannabis dispensary, cannabis is an extremely versatile plant, and one easy way to unlock its powerful effects is through baking with cannabutter. Butter that has been infused with cannabis flower, also called “cannabutter,” is a simple do-it-yourself way...

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Highly Creative

 Creative thinking is a competitive edge that separates the good from the great in all aspects of life, so get high and think about thinking. This guided journal is designed to engage your imagination to help uncover new ideas, build more productive habits, and inspire creative thoughts. Bonus: you’re supposed to use it while you’re high. It’s...

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It’s a Wunder-ful World

 Seltzers and sparkling drinks are all the rage, but a new sessionable beverage called Wunder is taking California’s cannabis seltzer scene by storm. This low-dose, cannabis-infused beverage is a conscious alternative to alcohol and best served cold in the can or over ice. It’s precisely dosed with 2 mg of THC, 4 mg of CBD, and 2...

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Joint Session

The best paper roller will converge in a virtual ring of competition when rolling paper giant RAW celebrates the April 4/20 high holiday with its first annual “Rolling Championship of the WORLD” competition. Expect big-name judges, including RAW CEO Josh Kesselman (a.k.a. “the guardian of rolling papers”), High Times editors, and a panel of experts including Cody Van...

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High Holiday

Refreshed, online, and free to the public, Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Hash Bash is celebrating its 50th birthday with a focus on the need for federal legalization and repairing the harms inflicted by the drug war. “Hash Bash is committed to the advocacy of federal cannabis legalization and to giving cannabis users and patients a voice,” said the event’s...

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A.M. Addition

Power up your morning coffee or smoothie with Identity CBD Creamer, the world’s first CBD nondairy creamer. This coconut-based dietary supplement is made with organic ingredients in four flavors: vanilla, honey, coconut, and cacao.  Each packet contains 10 mg of CBD from Oregon-farmed hemp and no THC, making it the perfect power-up or stress-relief aid. Identity creamer contains...

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Listen Up

IN-EAR HEADPHONES NuraLoop These easy-to-wear in-ear headphones are truly in your head—they adapt to your hearing. Say what? That’s right. They actually send sound into your eardrum that then informs the system about the best way to play for your individual hearing. The result is bass that hits the back of your brain and sharp clarity on every...

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Color Me Happy

Bonus points if you like color and order. Download “I Love Hue,” available on the App Store and on Google Play. It’s a “gentle journey into color and perception” that involves putting blocks of varying hues into order, and it’s simultaneously calming and addicting. Don’t just take my word for it: Sensi’s creative director downloaded it and sent...

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