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Curated Cannabis Takes the Industry By Storm

Atlas Seed is a Northern California farm-based genetics company specializing in curated day neutral (or auto-flowering) cannabis seed varieties with desirable growing traits. The hand selected genetics, which include specific potency, mold resistance, and vigor, are vital for farmers growing in less-than-ideal climates. Well-suited to outdoor cultivation, day neutral cannabis produces flowers regardless of light cycles, allowing for successive...

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Hot Spot: 365 Recreational Cannabis

 From the moment you glimpse the bright floral mural that wraps around the storefront to when you step inside, 365 Recreational Cannabis conjures feelings of joy. Inside the store, you’re warmly greeted by knowledgeable staff eager to recommend some of the highest-quality medical and adult-use cannabis products on the market.  Opened last year just as the pandemic...

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Promotional Feature: Wana Delta-9 Gummies Available Now

Next-generation fast-acting edibles offer an experience similar to inhalable cannabis, but without the smoke. Edibles make it easier to tailor the experience to the moment, whether that’s an energizing microdose before a midday hike, a quick boost during an impromptu gaming session, or a fast-onset dose for relaxation at bedtime. Wana Brands launched its Quick Fast-Acting Gummies in Colorado...

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Promotional Feature: Quality and Compassion

The owners of Red Door Remedies are dedicated to supporting local growers and educating the community. There’s a sense of community that is interwoven into the fiber of Northern California. Intimate wineries dot the hillsides, cozy little towns welcome visitors, and stunning landscapes wow your senses. It is a place that instantly feels comfortable, a place that you...

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Promotional Feature: One Stop Shop

Branding and packaging services from Vaper Tip help companies stand out. As any cannabis brand or business knows, bringing a product to market is a long and complicated pathway. One that’s cluttered with false starts, wayward turns, and a host of other pitfalls that can break a new offering even before it appears in public. But it doesn’t...

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Promotional Feature: The Future of Edibles

It’s now possible for consumers and cannabis product manufacturers to create edibles and beverages that taste great and take effect in five to 10 minutes. One of the more exciting developments to come out of the cannabis market in the last year has been the emergence of fast-acting edibles. Designed to replicate the effects that consumers experience when...

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