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The Scene

Snurf’s Up!

Ski-Born, Snurf-Bound “Watch this, Mom!” yelled my eight-year-old daughter on her 50th run in three days last April. We were in month two of pandemic lockdown and trying to make the best of it. We realized how lucky we were to have two things: acres of snow-covered national forest out our front door and the possession of a...

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Cultural Calendar

The holiday season may be a little different this year, but there’s still plenty to do and magic to be found out there, as long as you take some precautions. Yes, Virginia, COVID-19 can’t stop the holidays—in some form. The lights will be bright and glowing across the state at places like the Detroit Zoo and bands are...

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Safe Space

Activist and entrepreneur Jess Jackson is destigmatizing cannabis and building a community where everyone is welcome at her Copper House Bud and Breakfast. Jess Jackson wants the world to know her as a “community architect.” “That means I build, develop, sustain, and enhance communities,” says the 33-year-old entrepreneur. “It’s not a known career, but the name conveys that...

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Zen and the Art of Apple Pie

Become one with the dough and bring a taste of flaky bliss to the table. First, there is that apple-cinnamon/caramel steam that grabs you by the nose. Then you see the whole pie emerge from the oven and, finally, a warm apple pie wedge whose juices mingle the melting vanilla bean gelato. You take a bite and smile,...

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Empty Calendar

What to do when there's nothing to do The dog days of summer are upon us. In our modern lexicon, that popular term has dual meanings: 1) the period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer occurs in the Northern Hemisphere; 2) a period of stagnation or inactivity. In 2020, the dog...

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