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Smoked Brussels Sprouts

Recipe from High Times top cannabis chef Ginalisa Diaz of Cannabis Connections Servings: 6-8 I N G R E D I E N T S 1 bag of brussels sprouts, cut in halves 1⁄4 cup infused olive oil, divided 1 tablespoon butter 3 strips of bacon, diced 1 shallot, finely diced 1 clove of garlic, minced 1 tablespoon...

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Infused Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

Satiate Santa with these cannabis-infused treats. So, Santa has to cover thousands of miles, landing on millions of rooftop apexes in the course of 24 hours. To keep his magical sled flying high, he could use a little cannabis buzz. Keep the big guy (and his countless elves) grinning and nutritionally fortified with these cannabis-infused recipes from Detroit-area...

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How Mindful Baking Heals

Flour, Sugar, and the Flow My favorite life moments are when I completely lose track of me. I’m chopping toasted walnuts, simmering Jonathan apples with vanilla bean, and working butter, salt, and flour to a consistency only my fingertips can recognize. Playing with the dough like a kid, I layer the filling over the bottom crust and mess with the...

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How to Grow Tropical Plants at Home

Baby it’s cold outside, but these easy-breezy houseplants can add an instant island vibe to your home no matter what’s happening out there. Your dreams for a Caribbean getaway this year get dashed by a pandemic that most of closed the country’s borders, too? While it’s not quite the same as frolicking on sugary soft beaches flanked by...

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What does Cannabis Law Have to Do with Racism?

The story of cannabis law in America is one of injustice, with people of color bearing the brunt of a system weighted against them. As with many things in America, the cannabis experience for white people has been different from the cannabis experience for people of color. White citizens have used and traded cannabis at nearly the same...

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CBD in Beauty: Is it More than Skin Deep?

The “it” cannabinoid is the hottest ingredient in skincare, but will it really make you hot? The CBD beauty market is on track to reach $25 billion globally in the next 10 years—a mindblowing figure when you consider that five years ago, most of us hadn’t even heard of CBD. I hadn’t. Then I did, and soon it was everywhere, being sold as a potential cure for everything, hawked by everyone—the gas station attendant pushing CBD gummies; the elderly neighbor talking about the CBD tincture that got him back on the pickleball court; and even the girl from high school who stumbled into my DMs reciting practiced MLM scripts and urging every- one in her orbit to join her marketing mission, to get in on the...

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CBN for Zzz

Sleep is a vital sign of health and well-being, and I’m an insomniac—have been for as long as I’ve been an adult. I’m also a magazine junkie, so every month I read another article about the importance of restful shut-eye and tips to help me achieve it. And I’ve tried them all, to no avail. I bought blackout...

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