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Trip Advisor

When a psychedelic trip experience goes south and you need a friend? 833-FIRESIDE Psychedelic experiences can be enlightening healing hilarious maybe even boring—but when one goes south or even north to a dizzying degree, the last thing you want to be is alone. Starting April 14th, the Fireside Project will have your back Its Psychedelic Peer Support Line...

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Flip Your Perspective

COVID-19 has kept us sheltered inside, but winter may be the time we can get out and get a little wild. The pandemic has shut down most of the state, but Michigan’s ski areas are going to be able to open with precautions in place and limited services— making things feel at least a little bit more normal...

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A Life at Frankfort Light

A reflection on my fondest memories—and the ones I’ve yet to make. My obsession with the Frankfort Light began at a young age. My family started vacationing here in the late ’80s and I’ll be getting married nearby next September. Year after year, my family finds a spot on the beach here and the adults watch kids run...

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Maker of Makers – The College of Creative Studies

The College for Creative Studies is the creative engine that drives the Motor City. Detroit is made for makers. Home to 17 Fortune 500 companies, dozens of ad agencies, and thousands of creatives, craftsmanship is the lifeblood of the city. Where could be a better home for the College for Creative Studies (CCS)? The nonprofit, private college has...

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