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After a rocky introduction into the Michigan market, West Coast-based Muha Meds is ready to make waves...
By Gretchen Van-Monette
Photo Courtesy - Muha Meds
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It came out of nowhere, remembers Muha Meds co-founder and CEO Ali Gawari.

On a fall day in 2023, a knock was at the door. Then dozens of agents from Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) swarmed in and flipped their mid-Michigan production facility from top to bottom.

It was an unscheduled audit brought on by perceived compliance irregularities. While the CRA agents noted some incorrect surveillance procedures and faulty operating cameras, Gawari says there was never anything wrong with the marijuana or products they produced in the facility.

After satisfying CRA compliance requests and undergoing two additional reviews, they restarted operations—only to have another agent come shortly after and shut them down again. 

It took a judge’s ruling to acknowledge the CRA had no proof to close them down before Muha Meds could get back to offering their high-end, West Coast-style cannabis products to the Mitten State.

Casting Call 

In October 2021, the company settled in middle-of-the-state Pinconning, which is notable for its exit-ramp cheese shop. Muha Meds took over operations from a failing business and remains the only marijuana production facility in the area.

The company streamlined in-house manufacturing to maximize efficiency and innovation. Growing vertically, with a vested interest in every level of production, allowed the company to offer weed of unparalleled quality and price point in a tight market.

“We were already popular in Michigan,” says Gawari. “People recognized and knew our name and brand.” 

He jokes that Muha Meds single-handedly increased the town’s gross domestic product (GDP). The company hired 90 locals and helped sharpen their trade and work skills. Sadly, everyone was laid off when the business was shuttered. 

Ironically, the shutdown and subsequent shortage sparked intense interest in and demand for their LA vibe and, since the CRA resolution, the company has enjoyed a solid return to business. 

They could hire everyone back in Pinconning, and the company has begun expanding its presence into the metro Detroit area.


Big BuzzSmall Package 

The Muha Meds line is legendary for its distinctive range of products inspired by the vibrant LA vibe. Mix in some Michigan industrial influence, and Muha Meds is taking a favorite product to the next level. 

Muha Meds is redefining vaping with its 2g Disposable Vape Pen. Their reimagined and redesigned ceramic vape features dual coil chambers and proprietary ceramic heating elements that deliver deep, discreet drags of California-influenced craft cannabis. 

Gawari explains that these pens offer an unmatched oil-to-coil burn ratio, ensuring a pure and flavorful experience surpassing traditional disposables.

“This innovation infuses 20 years of industry knowledge and advancement to provide an unparalleled experience, distinct from anything else,” he says. “We’re setting a new industry standard with our 2g Disposable Vape Pen.” 

Photo Courtesy – Muha Meds

Bringing in the LA Style 

Recognizing Detroit as a music and fashion mecca, it was natural for the company to expand to Michigan.  

Muha Meds is almost as well known for its wearables as its weed. The brand is as potent to wear as it is to smoke, featuring an iconic biker, racing styling, and hyped-up graphics.

“Our style not only reflects the quintessential LA vibe but also resonates with those entrenched in the cannabis culture,” says Gawari. “We intend to offer Michigan consumers the same vibe and high that people on the West Coast have been experiencing for a while.” 


Laying Down Tracks 

Fashion, music, and cannabis go hand in hand, so it should be no surprise that Muha Meds is also sponsoring Cannabash, one of the biggest cannabis music festivals in Michigan.

The event in Baldwin, next to the Manistee National Forest, is in its third year. No line-up has been announced for the July 13 gathering, but it’s known for bringing together cannabis culture and community with music from the nation’s top artists, focusing on rock, country, and hip hop.

“We’re seeing a growing trend of cannabis-friendly festivals like Cannabash, which signifies a positive shift towards broader cannabis acceptance in Michigan,” says Gawari. “We’re also noticing an increasing number of festival goers are favoring cannabis over alcohol, and we’re proud to be a part of that significant cultural shift.” 


It’s Showtime

The company recently opened a flagship store in East Detroit, which Gawari sees as a place for Muha fans to connect with other aficionados, find favorite products, get swag, and participate in new drops in real-time. It also allows Muha Meds to engage positively in their new neighborhood.  

“Muha Meds is committed to leading by example,” says Gawari. “Our mission goes beyond offering superior products; we strive to educate, engage, and uplift the communities we’re in.”

On April 18, Muha Meds is co-sponsoring a pre-420 cannabis party supporting the Redemption Foundation, a consortium of cannabis industry professionals and policy experts from across Michigan with a mission “to right the wrongs caused by cannabis prohibition by seeking out opportunities to lift up individuals harmed by the war on cannabis.” 

“Our goal is to support and engage in initiatives that align with our brand values and contribute positively to cannabis culture,” says Gawari. “We are committed to our new community and social justice issues. Muha Meds is ready to make some waves in the Third Coast state.

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